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Raising Girls to Know They Matter #Generationequality

The fight for gender equality begins in our homes because the examples set by parents will go a very long way in creating the mindset of the children they raise.

We need to shape our girls into growing up to believe that they are equally strong and also teach them to tackle the issue of gender equality when confronted by it.

Here are a few points that can help you raise your Girls right:

  • Communication: We should constantly talk to our daughters about gender equality and educate them about things that still need to be done to achieve a gender-equal world. This would help them to change the narrative and lead the way for a better future.
  • Share chores equally: Chores should be shared among your children equally, regardless of their gender. This would make them grow up not feeling superior or inferior but equal.
  • Encouragement: Our kids should be thought and encouraged to aspire to be whatever they desire, by letting them know that they can achieve anything regardless of their gender. This would make them grow confidently knowing that there’s nothing like a weaker gender.
  • Teach your kids to speak out: Every day we have more and more young ladies speaking up for gender equality, our actions towards empowering and educating our girls to speak out about women’s rights would ensure a better future for us all.
  • Discourage body shaming: Most young ladies constantly measure themselves against other people and feel judged by their physical appearance. Encourage a body-positive lifestyle at home by showing your children that they are not defined by how they look but by how they act.

We need to start the fight from our homes and raise our girls right, by making them grow to know how important they are and can be to society while encouraging them to stand tall in every aspect of their lives.

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