Maternal Health
Service Support (MHSS)

MHSS has financed over 100 medical procedures for women such as;

We want more women to have access to our discounted medical financing that will help
support their total well being and help make their dreams of motherhood a reality.

Why we do this?

Access Bank understands and believes that every couple deserves to have their dream of parenthood come true. We also believe that every woman should get the best medical attention they desire and as such, be supported every step of the way.

This is the motivation behind the Maternal Health Service Support (MHSS), the first medical financing for women in Nigeria. By financing medical procedures, women can have healthier lives, achieve their family dreams and enjoy deeper fulfillment.

What are we offering?

Need Clarification?

To learn more about the MHSS Loan, click here for the FAQs

It gets even better!

Our partnership with Hygeia HMO offers you 30% cash back on an unsuccessful IVF
procedure. Click here to learn more… FAQs . Terms & Conditions apply

What should you do? 

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For Procedures both in Nigeria and Abroad.
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