Do these exercises for a flatter abdomen

When it comes to excess body fat, the abdomen is one of the most problematic… read more

Should you really listen to music while working?

This debate has been on for a while; to listen or not to listen to… read more

10 Essential Kitchen Secrets You Need To Be Aware Of

Hello W. How is your weekend going? Today, we have 10 essential kitchen secrets that… read more

First Time Managers

Not a bad boss, I just demand my respect! Louis Litt's lifelong dream was to… read more


Womenpreneur in Enugu

Details:Starting a new business is exciting but also comes with its own challenges. As a new business, the expectation is that you would be hands-on with every aspect of the…

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Get 20% off and still look on Fleek

20% discount on services up for grabs from the Beauty Insider

Read the full article…

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Jummai 1

Jummai Logun, Womenpreneur Lagos
Thank you so much, W Initiative and Access bank. I really don't know any other bank that is this impactful. Anyways the ones I bank with.

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Are you on track with your financial goals?

Admit it, at the beginning of this year or at some point in the year you set financial goals and standards for yourself. Save 30k every month, reduce impulse buying,…

Can we really have it all?

  The 21st century woman wants to succeed in career and business, run her family well, have the best of friends and still live a good life. However the pressure…

Save Today, Take Tomorrow

Do you know that by opening a savings account for you and your family members and building the balance to a minimum of N150k, you stand a chance to win…

What is your take on domestic violence?

Domestic Violence is the abuse between two adults who share the same household. This is a trending topic now as more victims are becoming emboldened by coming out on social…

Always is now #500!! Which way?

I've been really busy these past few weeks and shopping has been nearly impossible. So the red guest came in last night and I only had one piece of sanitary…

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Amaka Chika-Mbonu

Amaka Chika-Mbonu is the author of the new book, ‘HOW TO GET YOUR WIFE TO SWING FROM THE CHANDELIER IN A RED NEGLIGÉE, a book that gives men deep insight into the…

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