This Is Proof That You Need To Change Your Wardrobe

It’s no secret that the way you dress helps to shape people’s perception of who you… read more

5 Time Saving Productivity Hacks You Need To Know

Spending the whole 24 hours and feeling like you've achieved nothing for the day is… read more

4 Habits of Highly Successful Women

‘I never dreamed about success. I simply worked for it’. Estee Lauder Success has never… read more

The Best Way To Network With People You Don’t Know

It is a fact that we are generally wired to be social creatures. We exist for… read more


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Are men really threatened by women who are successful and have high-flying careers?

In the twenty-first century, women have come a long way. In fact, we’re beginning to surpass men in many areas: We have more masters and college degrees, better GPAs and single,…


Hello you I'm a new Member and I'm glad to be acquainted with you. I can make friends with more people to exchange information with each other. Thanks

Are you on track with your financial goals?

Admit it, at the beginning of this year or at some point in the year you set financial goals and standards for yourself. Save 30k every month, reduce impulse buying,…

Can we really have it all?

  The 21st century woman wants to succeed in career and business, run her family well, have the best of friends and still live a good life. However the pressure…

Save Today, Take Tomorrow

Do you know that by opening a savings account for you and your family members and building the balance to a minimum of N150k, you stand a chance to win…

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Ogochukwu Nwachukwu

CEO of Bounties Honey I embarked on healthy eating having come to the realization that our constant intake of ‘industrially-produced foods’ are not necessarily high-quality foods and we should instead…

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