About The W Initiative

In 2006, Access Bank began a journey into the world of women and banking on women. After working through the Gender Empowerment Movement to invest in women for 8 years, the program evolved into a robust plan to provide women with banking solutions that meet their diverse career and lifestyle requirements named The ‘W’ Initiative.

The “W” is not a product, rather it is a blend of existing banking products and services bundled to effectively meet the present-day financial and lifestyle needs of women in identified sub-segments, as well as provide them with a complete and rewarding banking experience.

We believe that women are a powerful and key catalyst for change. We know and embrace the truth about empowering women. The W initiative does not only benefit women, but also the men in their lives; as they are either directly or indirectly impacted through the women in their lives who have benefited from the W.

The “W” is the home for everything Access Bank offers women and is open to all women irrespective of who they bank with.

The W, based on peculiarities and lifestyle classification, is segmented into; W Young ProfessionalsW and Family, and W in Business.

W Young Professionals
The W Young Professional is in her 20s and 30s, works in a corporate environment and has a strong sense of purpose.

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W and Family
Under the W & Family segment, we explore the needs of the modern-day family woman, and attempt to adopt products and services to meet those needs.

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W in Business
The ‘W’ Business woman is driven by a desire to build an empire while providing value for her community and her general economy.

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Our Value Propositions/Offerings

Access to Finance/Capital

• W Power Loan
• MHSS Loan
• BETA Kwik Loan
• Personal Loans & Credit Cards
• Scholarship Opportunities for Children
• High Interest Savings

Grow your Expertise

With W Academy

• Business Clinics & Support Services
• Career Development Workshops
• Financial Literacy Seminars
• Mini MBA (IFC)
• SME Toolkits
• Online Resources

Grow your Network

• Mentoring & Coaching Sessions
• Lifestyle & Networking Events

Get Connected

• Access to market via the W Community
• Family Focused Forums
• Access Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award