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Love Languages Of Child: How To Speak To Yours.

Children are one of the most amazing gifts ever. As a mom, you know that your child’s needs are anchored on your ability to be there and support them despite having to deal with the demands of being an adult with targets and deadlines.

Every child exhibits their need for love in different mediums, so none of your children would act the same way if you have created the perfect image of what your child should act like in your head.

Here are some love languages children exhibit, decide which is yours, and begin to speak to your child.


For some children, they feel safe and loved when touched, so never yell at a child who finds it hard to sleep at night because they do not have you next to them. It is not as if they are timid, they just want to be sure their Superhero would defend them when the world turns against them.  For children like this, words will never be enough to guarantee them that they are loved.


This kind of children go around saying my father and my mother told me.  They are firm believers that words are enough to carry as much love as they need to see them through the Wild West. Once you have assured them that they can do a particular task or that they do not have to be afraid of a part issue, they move past it without looking back, and they anchor their lives on these words for a long-time without fear.


  This kind of child just wants to spend time with you. They may not have anything exciting to do or say, but they feel loved knowing that you are around and would give anything to ensure that they have more time with you, even if means faking a sickness during your leave to ensure that they miss school to be home with you.

  • GIFT:

For this kind of child, they are moved by gifts. They know deep down that a gift speaks a lot more than words, it is not as if they are vain, they just want you to gift them even if it is the littlest of things to show that you love. So, a bar of chocolate or a cup of milk could mean more than just chit-chat or word of mouth.


Your child might just want you to show them you care by the things you do for them. The littlest of service to them reassures them that they have a lover in you. However, this does not mean that all services should be rendered to the child, but then to the best you can make sure you are available to show love when it is possible and sensible.

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