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We are Obsessed with These Nail Care Tips!

Healthy, strong, and beautiful nails are simply amazing. And no, you don’t have to wait until your next pedicure and manicure session to give them the best care they deserve. Here are 4 nail care tips we are completely obsessed about:

Quit ‘attacking’ your cuticles!

Removing your cuticle is part of the Nigerian manicure/ nail treatment process. Your cuticles are designed to protect the base area of your nails. Constantly picking at them or removing them exposes your nails to bacteria and ultimately infection. So, whether it’s by yourself or at the saloon, rather than ‘attack’ your cuticles, gently push them back and massage some cuticle oil into them. Trust us, your nails will thank you for this.

Keep your nails moisturized

There is a well-defined line between keeping your nails moisturized and leaving them wet – the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria. To always keep your nails moisturized, invest in right-hand creams, moisturizing oils, or cuticle oils. Regularly applying any of these will make your nails strong, shining, and beautiful.

Trim your nails regularly

Now, this has nothing to do with biting your nails – a horrible habit that does not befit a boss lady! Rather, use a nail cutter to cut and trim your nails neatly. A great way of doing this is to cut your nails in a straight line and then do a square or round cut at the tips.

Protect your nails with hand gloves

Wear gloves to wash plates. Why? We know it’s not a common culture to wear gloves when washing dishes or doing any household task for that matter. However, some of the cleaning agents that you use contain chemicals that could harm your nails. To avoid your nails or hands in general, coming in direct contact with these chemicals, make use of hand gloves whenever you are cleaning. When you are done cleaning, carefully wash and rinse your hands, dry them with a soft cotton napkin, and moisturize your nails using a hand cream.

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