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It’s okay if you feel miserable about the year 2020. It’s okay if you feel terrible about how things turned out for you. Really, it’s okay. Adenike felt that way too.

Adenike Oyetunde was like every normal girl with a normal life until the unexpected happened. Diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma at age 20 in her second year in the university, her world certainly must have felt like it was crashing, right before her very eyes.

Losing a leg at age 20 is not exactly a dream come through neither is losing a contract or whatever the year 2020 might have cost you.

However, we can learn from Adenike’s story that it doesn’t have to end there. Adenike who clearly must have been devastated about the diagnosis, accepted, and made the hard choice of having her limbs amputated which resulted in her living with only one leg for the rest of her life.

Hmmm… sad right? Yes, I agree.

The end truly might have seemed to come, but Adenike made a beginning from that end and like a phoenix bird, she rose from her ashes. Today, she is a Gratitude coach, a disability advocate, a writer, and a wife.

2020 might have been devastating.

2020 might have seemed miserable.

Maybe there are no sufficient words to even describe it but we bring you glad tidings – it’s not over yet.

Broken crayons still color.

A broken candle can still light a room.

It’s not time to give up.

It’s time to launch deeper for a great catch.

Enjoy a beautiful Christmas, and look forward to an amazing new year.

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