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Fashion and The Working Woman – Why You Should Look Great To Work

Being presentable at work is important. Regardless of whether you have a strict uniform to wear, or your office is a little more lenient, ensuring that you’re presentable for work is highly important. 

Below are reasons you should be intentional about dressing well to work:

  • You only get one first impression:

Of course, once you’ve been working at a company for quite some time, you’ll be well past the first impression stage, but you’ll still have new clients to tend to, as well as new employees joining the company! First impressions really are everything when working for a business, and if you conduct yourself in an uninterested, sloppy way, people aren’t going to take you seriously and they’re going to think that you’ll have the same sloppy attitude to work, making them lower their expectations of you.

  • You’ll boost your confidence:

Looking good at work isn’t just about the thoughts and feelings of others though, as a large portion of looking good in the office is all about you. When you dress in clothes that you feel good in, you’ll boost your confidence to new heights and thus feel more capable in your job. Often, when we lack self-esteem, we’ll cower away from bigger tasks and fail to produce work to the highest standard possible, but when beaming with confidence, we’ll have the enthusiasm within us to produce exceptional work that we and our colleagues can be proud of.

  • It can make you motivated:

For offices that lack a strict formal dress code, employees are free to stroll into the office wearing distressed jeans and an oversized jumper, and while these are usually easier to throw together and much more comfortable than a blouse and pencil skirt, they won’t generate productivity like smart, clean clothes. Instead, by looking good at work, you’ll often feel more motivated to do so than if you turn up in sluggish, lounge-worthy clothes.

  • Others will take you seriously:

Nobody is going to take you seriously if you arrive to work in tracksuit bottoms and matted, scruffy hair. In fact, if you constantly arrive at work dressed messily, people are going to assume that you don’t take an interest in what you’re doing. This applies even more with clients – without looking good in the workplace, it’s likely that they’ll feel weary about you managing their work, and will probably feel more comfortable with someone neater doing it.

Some people believe that the concept of looking good at work is highly conformist, but the debate of looking good at work isn’t suggesting that you shouldn’t express yourself. However, the point here is in making a conscious effort with your appearance in order to look presentable at work, and really, you’ll see the difference.

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