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You Can Make Your Own Money Too – Stop Waiting For The Man.

You Can Make Your Own Money Too – Stop Waiting For The Man.

In a time period, very different from now, women looked up solely to the men in their lives for financial support. In fact, some cultures did not allow women to make their own money, tagging them as people who do not understand how to deal with money. Some of the gap that arose from this lack of money and opinion is what we are still striving to bridge in the 21st century, to ensure equality between the sexes. So when you refuse to make your own money, despite no hindrance to doing so, you are taking us back in this movement.

Do not misinterpret this article. We are not saying that you should not take Money from your man, instead, we are saying, do not be in a position where you are not earning or making your own money simply because you are lazy or entitled.  There is a lot of joy and fulfillment that comes from being able to provide for your own lifestyle, even if you have someone else willing to take care of it. And this life is very unpredictable, your breadwinner or provider can lose their means of finance and hopefully not, even lose their lives. Trust us, being hopeless and without your own source of income at a time like this can be very life altering.

The ways you can make money include, but are not limited to the following –

  1. Start a Business – Creating a business gives expression to your own ideas, helps you solve problems, and fulfill your passion. It won’t be a walk in the park. You will need to create a system that ensures good work flow and profitability. However, once the business begins to make good profit, you will enjoy more than the satisfaction of doing business, but also a healthy bank account.
  2. Take a Job – Not everyone is equipped with the talent, skill, and acumen needed to start a business. Don’t beat yourself down if you are not in this category. Instead, you should take a job in your area of interest, and contribute meaningfully to the development of such organisation, while earning constant income that can fund your lifestyle and help you save for emergencies.
  3. Create a new Invention – Inventors give the world solutions to core problems. Just imagine the favour and gift the inventors of Motor Vehicles, Electricity, Mobile Phones, Internet, and Social Media have contributed to society growth. You can be the next inventor of something that solves a problem; it really doesn’t even have to be as big as the one’s mentioned above. As long as it can have significant impact, you can definitely sell your rights and won’t need to work again for life.
  4. Research and Consult for Companies – Researching basically involves making findings based on current practice to determine if it’s the best way to go. Companies can benefit from researchers who do all the findings for them before they launch new products or to know the state of their current product or services. You can consult for such companies by giving them expert advice that will be useful for their growth, while they in turn pay you good money for this.
  5. Save and Invest – Regardless of what you choose to do to make your income, if you don’t save and also probably invest, you will end up losing all your earnings and not have enough to take care of your needs during emergencies or when you need money in general. So, we recommend that you regularly save money as a way of ensuring that you can take care of your own bills when necessary.

You don’t need a man to provide you money if you follow any of the above means to financial sustainability, and if you do get money from a man despite earning your own way, it will only be an addition. More money is always good.

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