When Cramps And Work Collide

… Well, one has to bow, that’s for sure. Firstly, it is high time employers recognised that having menstrual cramps is a real thing and must be taken seriously at the place of work. Women cannot continue to suffer in silence for something that is completely out of our control. But work is also quite important, so one has to make room for the other. Here are things to do when your cramps hit you on a workday:

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Call In Sick:

Scientists have revealed that menstrual cramps can in fact, be as bad as a heart attack. If an employee is having a heart attack, would your employer still ask them to do their work? If you are experiencing severe menstrual cramps, do not feel too pressured to show up at work regardless, it is fine to call in sick and take the day off to rest and recover.

Have Evidence:

Now, some employers can find it hard to believe or simply be insensitive to your plight, so in this case, have some evidence of your illness. Bring over a doctor’s report when resuming back at work later, or have a witness to testify that you were really ill.

Take Pills:

In case you have some important meeting or project that cannot wait, you must always ensure you have your pills with you to help with the pain. Do not try to endure the pain or ignore it. The pills were made for a reason.

Hand Over:

Or you could also reduce your workload by passing on some of your work to someone else. If you can calculate your period perfectly, then ensure that your colleague is the one that your boss would need to ask for work related tasks on the day your period comes so no one disturbs you and you can rest. You deserve the rest, just for being a woman.

Leave the Office:

And if your period starts while you are already at work, then tell your manager about your situation (make sure it shows on your face that you are in pain though, to build your case) and leave. The work will go on without you.

Speak Up:

It is also a great thing to stick up for other women when they are experiencing cramps, as this can create a more positive environment for you and fellow women in the work place. If you stick up for them and they stick up for you, then gradually, the workplace would understand the level of importance that must be placed on the concept of menstrual cramps.

Being a woman is a full time job on its own and some of the natural health issues we experience deserve to be given due attention. Make sure your boss knows and if you are a boss, kindly exercise this knowledge.

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