Healthy Eating Habits In 2021

If you’ve pledged to get healthier and develop healthy eating habits in the year, you’re not alone. While resolutions come in every form, many still sit down and decide to really and truly commit to eating healthier and smarter. 

However, even if you really mean it, without an actual plan and strategy in place, your resolutions are more than likely to fall short.

To help you reach your goal faster, here are some super simple tweaks you can make to how you eat:

  • Pay attention to your food:

Mindful eating is paying more attention to how you eat and being more present to make better food choices.

 It can be likened to laying a strong foundation of a house. If you pay more attention to what you eat, you will have an easier time creating new habits.

It is advisable to stop eating in front of the TV or computer, put down all distractions, and actually pay attention to what you’re putting on your plate and in your mouth. You’ll feel more satisfied.  Stop eating when you’re truly full, and ultimately make healthier choices.

  • Eat slower:

Pause before taking a bite, and chew slowly and intentionally, experts suggest. It will help you bring your focus back to the task at hand (eating) and keep you from mindlessly scarfing down more than your body really wants or needs.

  • Find better ways to manage stress:

Stress eating is a bad habit for so many people. By finding other ways to cope with stress, you’ll slowly stop turning to food for comfort. Whether it’s reading a good book, getting a manicure, cooking, going for a run, or whatever else can help you blow off some steam and regroup. It is better to find something that helps you unload your stress other than food.

  • Cook more:

The best way to know what’s in your food is by making it yourself. You can also control your portion sizes better if you serve yourself. You can play  around with spices to create flavorful dishes you love with less sugar and salt than you’d find at a restaurant.

  • Reorganize your kitchen:

It is advised to put treats out of sight or off the counter but a fruit bowl instead. A mindful makeover will help prevent cravings and give you a chance to really decide what your body wants and needs.

  • Never let yourself become starving:

We all know how this goes. We get wrapped up in work, or kids, or whatever else is distracting us, and before you know it, it’s 3 P.M. and you haven’t eaten since 8 A.M. When we’re ravenously hungry, we give into not-so-healthy cravings, or binge on more than we need because our brains are telling us to eat. By planning out meals and snacks throughout the day, you can prevent this from happening.

  •  Drink more water:

It is necessary to stay hydrated all day every day, not just when it’s hot outside or you’re sweating it out at the gym. You can ensure you’re drinking enough water by employing tricks like keeping a water bottle at your desk or using an app to track how much you’re drinking. If you drink lots of sugary drinks, try swapping them for unsweetened seltzer water (if the bubbles are what you crave) or fruit-infused water.

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