Women Health Month


Despite the global advancement of medicine, the state of health care in Nigeria remains dire and women are particularly disadvantaged. This month, Access Bank W Initiative is launching the ‘W Health Month’ to raise awareness, advocacy, and support for health issues, including cancer, which gravely affects the Nigerian woman.

To do this we have organized a series of awareness activities and programs that elucidate on 5 health issues- Infertility, Endometriosis, VVF, Cancer, Maternal and Neonatal Mortality. The final leg of the campaign will round off with the Walk for Women’s Health taking place on the 26th of October 2019 where Nigerians, men and women alike will be walking in support.

As Nigerians, we all owe it to ourselves to raise awareness, take preventive measures and support women who are facing these issues alone. After all, women can only be fully empowered when their health is not at risk. Remember health is wealth!

We all have women in our lives, let us play our parts.

5 Focus Areas


Did you know that globally, 1 in 10 families are faced with infertility and around 20-25% of Nigerian couples deal with this issue? Most times, women receive most of the blame for this and are at the forefront of seeking solutions to the issue

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In 2018 alone, 71 000 Nigerian women were newly diagnosed with cancer. In addition, breast and cervical cancer are ranked the 1st and 2nd deadliest cancers in Nigeria with ovarian cancer coming in at a close 7th. Spread awareness today!

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A painful disorder in which the tissue that lines the inside of a woman’s uterus. (The endometrium) grows outside the uterus. It currently affects at least 1 in 10 women during their procreative years, which is roughly 176 million women in the world. It’s also found to be one of the prevalent causes of unexplained infertility

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Nigeria is identified as the country with the highest recorded cases of VVF globally. According to UNFPA, about 100,000 women sustain VVF annually, 20,000 new cases being Nigerian and about 800,000 women are living with VVF, accounting for 40 per cent of fistula cases worldwide.

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Maternal & Neonatal Mortality

One prevalent issue affecting Nigerian women is Maternal and Neonatal mortality. The African Population and Health Research Centre fact sheet states that Nigeria witnesses an annual 40,000 maternal deaths, accounting for about 14% of the global total. Placing the country as the 2nd largest contributor to maternal mortality worldwide.

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W Health-Pedia

Information articles on the 5 health focus issues – Infertility, Endometriosis, VVF, Cancer, Maternal and Neonatal care)


8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th

W Health Screening

Free health checks at select locations in Lagos, PH and Abuja

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16th & Oct 23rd

W Health Talk

Renowned Health Experts will be dissecting these pertinent health issues (Infertility, Endometriosis, VVF, Cancer, Maternal and Neonatal care)
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W Health Giveaway

Watch out for weekly health trivia questions on our socials with loads of prizes to be won.



W Zumba Class

Dance and fitness classes for staff in Lagos, PH & Abuja



Walk for Women’s Health

10km walk and activities



Donations for the Health Causes

Fund raising and support for the 5 health focus issues.

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