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Why who you marry is important to your career

Why who you marry is important to your career

“The most important career choice you’ll make is who you marry.

…Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook.

Most people desire a marriage made in romantic heaven but often forget that when one is getting married, the considerations of a life partner have to go beyond love. This choice has a ripple effect on every part of your existence; how you live, how you interact, how you dress, and many other aspects of your life. Over time, research has proven that married couples tend to rub off on each other in a way that they develop similar qualities i.e. if you have a hardworking spouse, there is a likelihood you will work twice as hard.

When it comes to ambitious women who constantly aspire towards self-growth in their professional field, getting married to the right person can determine if your life will take off more than it settles down. The corporate world is full of highs and lows for a career woman, and lack of consensus on how to balance the job and family by one’s spouse can wreck a career. Couples need to be on the same page when it comes to career and life goals. So before you consider settling with your partner, here are four important questions to ponder on to know if bae is fit for your long-term goals as a successful career woman.

  • Do we share the same vision and values?

From the onset, you need to understand your partner’s sense of purpose and how it aligns with yours. What values do they pride themselves in? Especially in job satisfaction and finances. Also under what circumstances would they be ready to compromise if the need arises? These values will raise your home and most importantly, aid your career trajectory. If there is a disparity in your values, it might pose a problem as you climb up the corporate ladder because with great power comes great responsibilities and your partner will be your helpmate to carry the family through when you feel overwhelmed with what to do.

  • Is he/she supportive of my career decisions?

Anytime successful people narrate their success story, if you listen carefully, you would hear them attribute their success to a supporting spouse. Take a look at Michelle and Barack Obama, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Warren Buffet, and Susan. Your significant other should understand your future goals and support you in every little way. The ideal relationship is one in which both partners provide room for each person to grow, take chances in their careers by being supportive, caring, and non-judgemental.

  • How flexible/ open-minded is my spouse?

Life is unpredictable and the corporate world is ever-changing. You need to know if your partner will be open to change in the future. In an event of unexpected occurrences that can affect career prospects, it is important to have a partner that will stick with you through the twists and turns. This can only be achieved if you bot have shared understanding, values, and mutual respect.

Whether you agree about where you want to live or how many kids you want to have, having important things in common like values, future goals, and interests can help you build a bright future as a family and as career enthusiasts.

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