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Why So Few? Women Can Thrive In Science and Technology Too

Why So Few? Women Can Thrive In Science and Technology Too

There has always been a gender gap in tech-driven industries. This situation is not only peculiar to Nigeria. Even Silicon Valley is dominated majorly by Men.

Technology based companies are springing up by the numbers and we have more vacancies than ever before, but we have less women qualified to take up the positions. Why? This is because we don’t have enough female computer scientists who can qualify to do the job as competently as their male counterparts. Thus, we need women to begin to prepare for careers in the tech world, so that they can come up and help fill the positions.

The points below are some underlining reasons why lots of women are not getting involved in science and technology.

  • Culture: It has been imbibed in our psyche that women are not cut out for such exercises, our idea of a software engineer is an antisocial, glasses wearing nerd, that cares less about the opposite sex and spends all the time in the world either inventing or hacking codes. There is some form of truth in it, but that’s not exactly what a tech person is. We have lots of software engineers that live normal lives, have a family and hang out with friends. In most situations, they are just more focused and driven.
  • Few Role Models: Because we don’t have lots of great women in the tech world, our young ladies don’t see it as a profession for women. We need more women to rise up and make a difference.
  • Perception that men do better when it comes to programming: This started all the way from child hood when even the video games that kids play are not women friendly. Also, in schools, boys were more in science competitions than girls. Of course, this affects the mind-set of the girl child and makes her grow up, thinking tech is not for her.

Women need to stand by each other and fight for rights of women in the tech world by working as hard as their male counterparts to validate their worth in the industry. Women offer diversity and diversity drives innovation.

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