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What Influences Your Personal Style? – Gender or Comfort.

What Influences Your Personal Style? – Gender or Comfort.

Whether you work in an office where you are given uniforms or there is a dress code, you still have a personal style that is easily identified with you each time you are in your space and can express freely.

To be honest, finding your personal style can block out the noise of the fast-paced industry, and help you feel at home in your clothes. So, we don’t recommend following expected rules and doing the norm just to conform.

Women in general are expected to wear certain kind of outfits and shoes to be qualified as classy, and chic. So, we see ladies twisting their ankles and working weirdly in the name of looking a certain way. Others wear very tightly fitted waist trainers that make eating and breathing difficult, all in the name of fitting into a dress. We place a lot of burden on ourselves just to impress.

It’s totally okay if that’s your personality, or you really want to be that way to achieve some personal purpose. However, if you leave your own preferred style just because you aim to please, you will burn out quickly and be really unhappy.

Thus, while we recommend that you look good at all times, seeing as you are addressed by the way you dress, we still advise that you are conscious of your comfort and inculcating some of your personal preferences, as this will make you more confident, look more beautiful, and by extension probably achieve your goals.

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