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Career myths you should drop NOW!

Career myths you should drop NOW!

You shall know the truth, and the truth WILL set you free!

This statement is so powerful and should be our anchor as we debunk myths that can bring your career to a screeching halt if you don’t do away with them.

Anytime we hear some of these myths, we wonder how anyone will even believe it but then again, we are not here to judge you.

Today, there’s more flexibility in where you work, when you work and even how you work. As a result of these changes, some tips back in the days may also not apply anymore

Here are a few career myths you need to let go of immediately.

Clocking long hours at the office will get you promoted

Absolutely not! What your boss wants to see is results not the dark circles under your eyes. If you are spending a lot of time in the office just so your manager can see you then you’re getting it all wrong.

When it comes to getting ahead at work, your accomplishments speak louder than anything else.  If you prioritize your tasks and become more efficient, you can spend less time at the office and still impress the boss.  True, there are days when long hours will be required but this isn’t necessarily a recipe for promotion.

Here’s a tip – send your boss a weekly summary of your tasks, but make sure the focus is on what you’ve accomplished and not the hours you spent doing them.

You absolutely can’t quit a job before the two-year mark

It’s been 10 months in your new job. The hours are much longer than you were told in your interview, the flexibility you were promised has not materialized and everyone in your department is miserable. Instead of sticking it out for another year-plus, start searching for another job.

It was in the past that leaving a job too soon meant you were a job hopper and wouldn’t stick around. Today, it’s much more common to have a few jobs with short tenures especially if you’re just starting your career. You should not put up with something that is obviously not working just to save face.

However, be prepared to explain why you left so early without speaking negatively about the organization.

You must perfectly match all job requirements to apply

Many women are guilty of this! You find the perfect job online and while reading the requirements, you discover that you don’t have two of the seven skills and you immediately disqualify yourself. This needs to stop.

While the job posting outlines the ideal candidate, the truth is, sometimes, employers need to adjust their requirements to meet the talent supply in the market.” If you meet all the main skill requirements, you should absolutely apply for that job.

Furthermore, if a company lists a niche skill on the job posting, they may not find any candidates who fits the bill. In that case, they will often end up hiring someone who demonstrates other skills and shines in other areas.

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