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Excelling in a new position: the tips and tricks

Excelling in a new position: the tips and tricks

Congratulations on your promotion W!

We know how it feels when all your hard work and late nights working on those projects gets rewarded! The feeling is out of this world.

Now that you’ve resumed in your new position we have a few tips and tricks on how to excel and leave your mark before you move on to something bigger! We hope you’re ready to learn.


Ask questions

You heard that right, the fact that you got a promotion of you assigned a different role doesn’t mean you automatically know it all. Truth be told, nobody does. If you’re unsure of a decision you’re about to make on the job, feel free to ask mentors or friends in the industry who can put you through. The learning never stops W.

If you think it’s a question we can help you with, send us an email at and we’d reply as soon as we can. Remember that we are interested in your success.


Know how your work is being evaluated

Excelling in this new position is relative and will majorly depend on the deliverable your supervisor has set for you. It is your sole responsibility to find out what these deliverable are and ensure that they are met.

Ask your supervisor for the format for your performance review. This way, you know what areas to focus on and how to set your career goals.


Passion trumps everything

We bet one of the reasons you got this promotion is because you are passionate about the work that you do and although you may not have all the experience needed, we want you to keep it at the back of your mind that everything you’ve learnt up till this present moment will help you excel in this position.

A new job or a different task can bring a bit of stress but your passion will keep you there and help you learn everything you need to succeed. Every time you feel like quitting, remember what it is about the job that makes you tick and keep working!

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