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Market Your Business On A Tight Budget

Market Your Business On A Tight Budget

Regardless of how functional your products and services are, the level of your target customers’ patronage is dependent on how well you execute your marketing plan. As an SME owner, you do not have to incur debt just because you want to effectively market your business. Here are 3 simple ways you can achieve this even on a shoestring budget:

Explore social media marketing

Rather than aimlessly scrolling through social media feeds, choose to identify and understand how different social media platforms will best serve your marketing needs. From Instagram to Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and several others, social media marketing campaigns are relatively inexpensive (when compared to tradition media marketing) and can be targeted at specific audiences.

Offer product discounts and giveaways

Believe us, it is not entirely out of place for your target customers to be sceptical about your new products, especially if they have already pledged their loyalty to your competitors. A sure way to win them over is to entice them with discounts. A simple 10% off for first time customers or whatever percentage you willing to offer will attract a new customer base.

Turn your loyal customers to brand ambassadors

Now more than ever, you need to consider Jim Rohn’s famous quote which reads ‘One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.’ Next, you need to start strategizing on how you can make brand ambassadors out of your loyal customers. We suggest that you pay more attention to collecting, analyzing, and responding to their feedback. Asking them to share testimonials is also a sure way of advertising your business.

Remember, shoe-string-advertising requires you to think outside the box. Explore and identify new ways of spending little in exchange for viable sales leads.

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