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Video marketing strategies you need to grow your business

Video marketing strategies you need to grow your business

Imagine if a picture is worth a thousand words, how much will a video cost? (Whispers) quite a lot! Video marketing is one of the most effective tools in the digital world and here’s why. We live in an attention deficit community where on-demand contents are highly sorted after by customers. People demand content that; requires little time to consume, can be shared easily, would possibly go viral, is entertaining, and also engaging- and that is what video marketing offers on a platter of gold.

When video marketing is well-executed, it creates a virtual touchpoint for customers to know and interact with your business in a way that other media can’t compete with. However, the mistake any business owner will make is to think that they can market to everyone. While everyone loves a good video, your video strategy should speak to a targeted audience. It should reflect the latest market trends, a better understanding of your customers, and how the video can be adapted to their daily lives. Here are video marketing strategies to help you achieve your business or marketing goals.


Nothing is so powerful in marketing like an insight into customers’ nature. Before you think of executing a video idea, you need to study potential customers. What is their daily life like? What motivates him/her? What drives his/her decision to make a purchase? Who and what influences the usage of products in their lives? You need to get close to the customers’ life because they want to see themselves in whatever message/ product you are selling.


One of the most important questions you can ask yourself is why. Why do you want to consider this strategy for your marketing?  If you know your “why” and have a truthful answer, you will never be lost. Do you wish to create awareness or attract new customers or address an issue? This would inform the choice of the video you want to create.


In this fast-paced digital world, the power to tell stories is on steroids. People interact with many video content daily. It is a content clutter out there. To tell stories that resonate well, create an emotional context in your message using real stories of real people. Focus more on how customers become better when they use your product/service rather than a message on your business alone. Using this in your strategy is powerful and engaging.


One of the essences of video marketing is to drive traffic to your business. For people to watch your videos, they need to find them first on search engines like Google. Optimize your videos on social media networks by building backlinks to the videos. Use keywords in your video scripts and include them in your title and description. Remember to keep the video short, simple, and engaging. More importantly, do not forget to include a link to your website – something to drive the viewers back to what you do.


To prompt specific action or engagement from your customers, ensure you clearly state in the end what you want them to do next. Your call to action should be short, simple, and concise. You can also include its recommendations on related videos or direct them to your website.

There are a lot of opportunities for businesses to harness the power of video strategies in their marketing mix. Whatever content you decide to go with, make sure it encourages a stronger and deeper connection between your brand and customers.

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