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Tough job market? Here is how to secure a job in a pandemic

Tough job market? Here is how to secure a job in a pandemic

The year, 2020, has been a roller coaster, particularly with the growing numbers of mortality and job loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
However, while it appears that the world and every possible thing within it might be going south and it gets even tough to get a job.
Here are ways to make it worthwhile and possible to get a job during a pandemic.

    It is important to note that a lot of qualified candidates have lost their jobs not because they were inefficient, but because companies have been forced by the global situation to trim down the workforce. Therefore, it is important to gather more qualifications that make your resume and your knowledge about your career a lot broader as this gives you more bargaining power for that job you have always wanted. Knowledge is never enough.
    It is usually said that the best and most juicy jobs are gotten based on referrals. The pandemic has created a void in the way people relate, particularly with the new norm of social distancing. However, it is time to leverage and expand your network as this has a greater percentage of landing you that new job during this crisis. Call-up new favors from friends, reach out to hiring managers and thought-leaders in your industry, make use of social media to it is maximum.
    Reach out to promising employers that you have had interviews with before the rise of the pandemic. You have to acknowledge firstly, the new nature of work; reaffirm your interest in the role that you had interviewed for in their organization. Stay positive; be thoughtful and polite in your communication as this is a very trying time for businesses around the world.
    While this is almost as similar as networking, the twist is that this entails you carrying out a holistic understudy of group companies or the company you would like to work in. You would get a proper grip, of employer welfare and administration policies particular during this crisis. Full knowledge of this will help you make informed decisions about taking on new roles in such organizations or even applying for a job in such an establishment.

It might appear hardest to get a job, considering the state of the global market, your ability to stay informed, flexible, emphatic, and available will certainly land you a job during the pandemic.

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