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Three Keys To Ensure A Lasting Relationship

Three Keys To Ensure A Lasting Relationship

Forget the title; there are no keys to ensuring a lasting relationship. In the end, relationships either Marriage or Courtships last because the two parties involved are determined to make it work. Many times couples go from one counselor to the other, one event to another, and involve all sorts of people in their relationship towards solving their problems.

However, the only two people that can make a relationship work are the two people in it, so even as you read through the three broad topics that we have outlined as the keys to a lasting relationship, note that it must first be your choice to make your relationship work, before any other thing can work for you.

  1. Communication :At some point the head over heels train stops in all relationship, don’t be that couple that ignores communication, because an added benefit and one of the most important things in a long lasting relationship is communication. Coming up with the right questions to ask that starts a good conversation is also very vital. Be vocal about the things you like, and discuss your Individual goals. And also be mindful of your tone of voice; thus, be conversational rather than demanding or critical.

Benefits of good communication includes the following –

  • Its helps to avoid negative misunderstanding
  • It lessens disconnection
  • Its reduces unnecessary arguments
  • It increases trust
  • It builds emotional closeness and intimacy
  1. Fight fair: Conflict is normal in every relationship, but the ability to resolve it is what makes the difference.

Fighting fair works when:

  • You don’t push blames
  • You learn to listen before taking actions or voicing out your opinion
  • You learn to say I’m sorry ( it goes a long way)
  • You resolve an issue before going to bed
  • You never compare your man with others (instead encourage him to be better )


  1. Plan periodic entertainment: Taking time to enjoy each other with entertaining activities has the power to make your relationship heaven on earth. Going to the movies, the beach, a local lounge in your area, and vacations can work wonders in a relationship. Enjoying entertainment with your spouse is a special time for re-connection and intimacy that can definitely improve your relationship.


Benefits of entertainments include:

  • It boosts your happiness
  • Improves women’s mental health ( helps to perform better in the home)
  • Improves marriage satisfaction
  • Helps strengthen the relationship bond
  • Cultivates intimacy in your relationship

Sometimes, it’s the little things like this that makes all the difference, so please endeavor to constantly oil the wheel of affection in your relationship to ensure that it becomes long lasting.

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