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The Power Of Looks In The Workplace.

The Power Of Looks In The Workplace.

One’s physical appearance is the first thing people would use to form an initial impression. Making a good first impression is very important. Once someone has an impression of you, it can be hard to change it. It is human nature to draw conclusions about individuals based on what we see in front of us. 

The quality of your work might be the most important thing but your appearance also leaves an immediate impression on your colleagues, including management.

Personal presentation is just as important as a skill or qualification and every employee of a company must understand and be fully aware of the effect of their personal appearance because your “overall look” symbolizes who you are and it is an instant communication of “first impression” to other people.  Looks certainly do matter and if you look good, you will feel good and definitely boost your self-esteem and self confidence.

Below are things your physical appearance says about you in your workplace:

  • Professionalism:

Physical appearance gives immediate clues about your level of professionalism in the workplace. A certain level of neatness is expected in all businesses, even those with a very casual dress code. Sloppy dressing and personal presentation may imply that you don’t care about your job, even if that’s not the case. The way you look can affect the way people communicate with you and show you respect. It is important to consider clothes, hair, hygiene, scent and make-up in the right and moderate way. Also think about your facial expression. Learn to smile, as this will create an optimistic impression. It is an employee’s duty to their employer to demonstrate a calm, positive and professional exterior.

  • Company Image:

The way employees look impacts the overall feeling of a business. As an employee of an organization, you are a representative of that company’s brand. Company uniforms and grooming standards exist to manage the overall image of a business. The way you look also has an impact on hiring decisions, especially when your appearance goes against the core values of a business. For example, a fitness center may be hesitant to hire an unhealthy or unfit person.

  • Client Perception:

Employee appearance is an important consideration when meeting potential clients. An employee’s look is the first thing a potential client will come in contact with. It is the first thing that will give them a perception of the company’s image. It is important to research new clients before the first meeting, to get a sense of their styles and personalities. If your appearance is very different from theirs, you should be prepared to work harder to convince them of your abilities and suitability.

  • Advancement:

According to “USA Today”, the way you look can affect how you advance in your career and how much money you make. People who look better often earn more. People will take clues from your appearance about your ambition, working style and how much you care about your job. If you look put-together and dress appropriately, you may find that employers take a greater interest in you, or your colleagues give your ideas more weight.

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