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Surviving a Lockdown with your Mind Intact

Surviving a Lockdown with your Mind Intact

When the lockdown was declared by the Federal Government of Nigeria, and other countries of the world, the first essential item most people thought about to stock up on was food.

Food became the singular most important element that people felt was needed to stay indoors and fight the Corona Virus Disease, besides tissue papers (Smiley). 

Food that we had consumed mindlessly in the past became as vital as air, and the market women and grocery store owners had a selling feast.

But now we are home, with possibly a month’s supply of food and water, but we are still not satisfied. Being home is making us restless, some of us salary earners are cracking our heads to find valuable work to do to convince our employers that we deserve the salaries we hope they continue to pay despite working from home. Business owners are now frustrated with the economy, increased exchange rate, delayed product launch or sales, and the looming salaries of employees whose productivity can’t be measured in this pandemic lockdown. Children are also probably harder to manage, wanting this, that and the other, and you worry that they will drive you crazy.

Well, our worries are valid, but what our worries won’t do, is find a solution to the world’s greatest enemy that has crippled us all in one way or the other. So instead of giving yourself a higher blood pressure than necessary, you can –

  1. Breathe – Yes, you can’t forget all the problems that the pandemic has swept under the carpet, but you can ignore them and relax for a bit. Sleep a little bit longer than usual, enjoy the luxury of water on your body, and allow yourself to be carried away by your husband’s warm embrace or the fantasy of a good book.
  2. Enjoy – You must make yourself enjoy the little things.
  3. Children: Your children are God’s gift to you, they may be a bit annoying and stressful right now, but your family is incomplete without them, so let their humour lift your spirit. Use this time to know them better, and help them navigate their way through life.
  4. Food – This is a good time to try out recipes, and create your own. Step out of your boring food routine, and surprise yourself with delicacies that can lift the worst moods.
  5. Entertainment – Dance, listen to music, watch movies, and enjoy the experience.
  6. Work – Now, the time you set apart for work is the time that you should wear your serious thinking cap to plan, and take care of your work deliverables. You should let everyone know that you can’t be disturbed at this time, and they have to respect it. If you have allowed yourself some breathing time and enjoyment, it’s easier to be more productive at work and come up with great solutions to your business problems.

There really is no all size fits all solution to life’s challenges, but if you can take things one step at a time with a sense of calm, you can make all things beautiful. Remember, you can stock up on food, but you can’t stock up on peace, except you decide to give it to yourself, and do it deliberately.

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