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Strategies To Improve Your Sales As An Entrepreneur

Strategies To Improve Your Sales As An Entrepreneur

Sales are the lifeblood of every business. Knowing how to generate and track sales is vital for growing your company. Sales are everything to a business. Without sales, it’s hard for a business to thrive.

Below are strategies business owners can use to improve sales:

  • Clearly Define Your Customer:

Who is the person who would most likely buy your product and buy it immediately? Create an avatar of that customer.

Ask Specific Questions

How old are they?

Are they male or female?

Do they have children?

How much money do they make?

Do they have an education?

  • Identify their Problem Clearly:

After you have identified your customer, know what kind of problem your customer have that you can solve. When you have identified your customer correctly, these people will pay you to solve their problem.

  •  Solve the customer’s problems:

If you’re not solving problems for your customers, then the likelihood of you increasing your sales over time will dwindle. However, if your products and services solve major problems, your chances of making sales would rise substantially. In business, it’s all about problem-solving. Find the pain point, and then solve that pain. Clearly, pain equates to problems. And the bigger the problem, the bigger the potential for earning a windfall of cash by solving it. 

  • Money follows attention:

Don’t shy away from attention. Take every chance you can get to be in the spotlight, whether that means social media or big media. Give a resounding yes to those podcast interviews. Say yes when asked to speak in front of a group, no matter the size. You see, the more attention you get, the more people know your name. And the more people know your name, the more chance they have to buy more of whatever it is that you’re selling. 

  • Use Content and Social Media Marketing to Your Advantage:

There are so many more ways to get your product to your customers than ever before. What’s the best part? They’re all free. You can use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and your blog to your advantage. By building relationships with your customers through these channels you can access more people than ever.

  • Utilize old-school persuasion techniques:

Sometimes, we need to be persuaded to buy. Now, there’s nothing wrong with persuasion. It boils down to a true understanding of human nature and why we do the things that we do. If you want to persuade someone to buy something, you have to understand the nature of human beings in the first place. Understanding things like influence through micro-commitments can literally crush your sale  goals. When you can get someone to agree to very small things, they are far more likely to agree to something bigger (like the offer or the sale). 

  • Create an affiliate army:

Affiliates are the key to massive rollouts of any product or launch. If you can successfully leverage an affiliate army, you can substantially increase your chances for securing any sale. That’s especially true when your affiliates are influencers in your field. How do you do it? First of all, you have to create an affiliate program and define a percentage that you’re willing to give up from the sale. Keep in mind that even if you have to give away half of the sale to an affiliate, it’s far better than having no sales at all. 

  • Use urgency and ethical scarcity:

Two of the most powerful forces when it comes to sales are both urgency and scarcity. How does it work? You see it all the time. There’s a sale that’s going to end soon. That gives some urgency to take action. Or, there are only 10 spots left for a particular event. That’s scarcity at play. These two forces play off of basic human behavior. As humans, we often want what we can’t have (or soon can’t have). And, when there’s a deadline for action, it forces us to act. Plain and simple.  When you have the fear of missing out on something, it forces you to act, and quickly. However, you have to use ethical scarcity. It has to be legitimate. Otherwise, you risk the chance of upsetting customers. You can’t say that a sale is ending tomorrow then restart that sale two days later. It’s simply not ethical scarcity. 

  • Pick the Right Price:

Do market research on your competitors to determine the right price. If you have a high-priced product, be prepared to over-deliver quality to your customers. Price can be determined by “perceived value” of your product. If you can make your product seem superior to your competitors, you can charge a higher price.

  • Offer Potential Customers Something Really Great, for Free:

There is real power in the word “free.” It gets customers in the door. And it’s a powerful motivator for taking action on many levels. Your ideal customer is far more likely to buy your product if you give them a preview to try out.

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