Smart ways to manage a dificult boss

 Smart ways to manage a dificult boss

You spend almost all of your waking hours at your job and for most of us, growth is tied to relationships, especially your relationship with your boss. If you have a difficult boss right now, you have my sympathy, because it makes all those hours at work even more arduous. A bad working relationship with the boss can suck the joy from what should otherwise be a rewarding role.

Some women would approach the situation by gritting their teeth and toughing it out, but it’s hard to do good work under those circumstances. But before you start planning an exit strategy, it would be wise to rethink how you can manage the boss better than you already have. All it takes is a few smart habits and effective skills. Here are some smart ways to manage not only your boss but those you lead also:

  • Control yourself when provoked: Control is vital especially when provoked. To avoid getting into an altercation with your boss, always strive for control. No doubt they will push you and drive you to anger. Acting on that anger will yield no positive results in the long run. Always remember that two wrongs will never make a right.
  • Be a problem solver, not a problem creator: Nobody loves problems, especially not your boss. Your job as an employee is to reduce the problems of your boss/company not create more. Always strive to be a solution provider; it will equal one less problem for your boss.
  • Give your best and manage your emotions: be sure to give your best always, that way you will have fewer issues. Learn to manage your emotions. You will get nowhere with flaring up in anger or bursting into tears at the drop of a hat. Keep the negative emotions in a bag; they are not for the workplace.
  • Find ways to influence and manage your boss’s behaviour: Ask questions; seek to understand your boss’s behavioural patterns, know what makes her tick, understand how she like things to work, and try your best to work accordingly.
  • Don’t cower, but do your best to avoid a power struggle: Most times, you will be tempted to cower in fear especially if your boss is a yeller. Cowering might seem like the simple thing to do to avoid a power struggle. But if you are certain that you are doing the best job you can, then stand firm. If you feel the need to call your boss out on her behaviour, do so with clear facts and a level head.

Treat your relationship with your boss as you would any other important relationship in your life. Invest time and creativity into making the relationship work. Show your best self as much as possible, and create the habits in yourself that cultivate trust.


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