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Should Ladies Really Make The First Move?

Should Ladies Really Make The First Move?

Imagine it’s a nice evening and you’re having dinner with the girls at your favorite restaurant. You look up from perusing the menu to find this really good looking guy who looks like he just stepped out of a Hollywood movie. A few flirty glances here and there and you begin to silently pray that the guy comes to talk to you but Mr Adonis here doesn’t seem to want to make any move. What will you do?

It’s very traditional to wait for a guy to make the first move. In this part of the world a woman who makes the first move is often looked at as being desperate. It’s not just something many women will do. They’ll rather suffer in silence than walk up to a guy and tell him how they really feel. Can you blame them? Irrespective of whether you’ve tried it and failed or not, perhaps it’s time for women to step up and change the narrative. Here are three reasons why we think so:

The worst that would happen is a ‘no’

The fear of rejection prevents a lot of women from making the first move. How many women can actually bear to hear the man they are so in love with say no to them? Not too many but the beauty of it all is that there is life after getting a ‘no’. Think of all the guys you have ever said no to. They moved on; didn’t they? So will you. Don’t let fear hold you back. If you do, you will risk missing out on some amazing experiences and possibly a relationship.

Rescue the shy and clueless men

It’s possible the man you have your eyes on feels the same way but is too shy to walk up to you; or he may just be downright clueless. Whatever the case, making the first move opens up an opportunity to get what you want. You also exude a confidence which a lot of men would find sexy. You know what you want and you’re going for it. Your confidence could also rub off him and allow him to express any feelings he may have withheld.

He may be ‘the one’

One of the most annoying things about dating is not being able to find the right man for you. Why should a woman wait around for when the ‘right man’ will show up when she can find him herself? When you make the first move, you are choosing the kind of man that you want, instead of waiting around for ‘the one’ to walk up to you. You decide if the man is the right one for you and go for it. Do you have good chemistry with him? Does he have the qualities you desire? When you make the first move, it’s more likely that it would be with a quality guy of your choice.

What do you think ladies; will you be willing to make the first move?

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