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Self Confidence – An Entrepreneur’s Secret Ingredient

Self Confidence – An Entrepreneur’s Secret Ingredient

There are no quick-fixes for small business success – at least, not as far as the marketing world is concerned. However, there is a secret ingredient.

It’s not expanding your marketing budget. It’s sometimes even beyond having the perfect business plan. The secret ingredient for a small business’s success is Confidence.

That’s right! Confidence is the key ingredient necessary for the success of small businesses, and unless you’re confident as a business owner, you may never be able to achieve the success you envision.

One major reason a number of small business owners do not experience the progress they desire in their work is because they unconsciously hold themselves back due to low self confidence, they focus so much on looking outside when they should be looking within. The successes’ of others is meant to be a positive challenge and inspiration. It’s not to disregard what you have achieved so far or undermine the potential of your business.

It’s been noted that people who demonstrate low confidence are more likely to become discouraged or even give up on accomplishing their goals. The primary distinction between those who persist and those who give up is their level of self-confidence. Self confidence births the tenacity and determination needed to stick to the vision until it becomes a reality.

The good news for small business owners with low confidence is this; they can improve.

They can determine to focus on their own business path and not let comparison get the better part of them. They can choose to see the successes’ of others as a source of inspiration and not intimidation. They can also decide to be more intentional about appreciating their baby steps so that they can become more confident in themselves and in the success of their business.

It must however be noted that the remedy for low self confidence is not to become overconfident. Being overconfident is never the right solution because it lacks the sense of authenticity and honesty needed for progress.

Here are some ideas for developing self-confidence:

  • Be prepared:

‘Be prepared’ is more than just a good scouting Motto, it applies in the real world as well.  Once you’ve done your homework, you’ve planned – and you know your stuff, it’s easy to be confident about delivering it.

  • Your little milestones count; tell success stories: 

As you take steps to progress in your business, you must consciously celebrate your baby steps and acknowledge your small wins. You can also share your success stories with future clients in order to gain their trust in your business. The success stories serve as evidence that your ability to deliver well is more than mere words.

  • Be positive and optimistic:

There are studies that demonstrate that smiling and carrying yourself in a positive way (head back, shoulders up) will influence your outlook.  A big part of confidence is about a positive optimistic outlook.

  • Envision your success:

Olympic class athletes often use a training methodology of imagining their desired outcome in intense detail, as one of the best ways to prepare for an event.  For instance; the feel of the ball, the sound of the gym before the game, the perfect swish through the nets and so on. After successfully imagining the game, it becomes much easier when faced with it in reality.

Envisioning success is not something that works for just Olympic athletes but everyone who is willing to maximize the power of the mind. As a business owner, always keep the picture of your desired result before you. It helps to give you the energy and confidence you need in facing each new task.

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