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Reasons Why Your Earnings Are Never Enough

Reasons Why Your Earnings Are Never Enough

Has it ever occurred to you that your earnings, either from your business or salary are never enough? Sometimes, it’s as though as your income rises, there are always more needs. Well, this may be because you are suffering from Pay Day syndrome. Many of us dump so much expenses on the income we just received, out of sheer joy of having a healthy bank account figure at one moment, that we lose it all in the next.

The following reasons are probably why your earnings are never enough:

  • Increased Need to Upgrade Lifestyle: The average human is never satisfied, so most times we always want more. You want another car, a bigger house, or a change of wardrobe. These are really good, and to be fair, what’s the point of working if you cannot improve your standard of living. However, when it becomes a regular affair to constantly move up, when your income as stayed the same, then you are setting yourself up for being broke.

A good way to upgrade your lifestyle is to plan and save ahead, instead of emptying your account and lacking the funds to take care of your basic needs.

  • Living Beyond your Means – This is very much underrated, yet very important. It’s a disgrace to show off a life that you cannot afford, only to suffer privately and eventually publicly when you start needing friends to rescue you from financial ruin.

It may feel good when you look rich, but you are better respected when you are able to afford your lifestyle, and are never a burden to friends and family. So, we advise you to earn it, save some, before spending lavishly.

  • Peer Pressure – There are times when you have planned your finances and you are ready to be disciplined, but you take a look at your friends and you change your mind. That is not wise. You earn differently from your friend, so you should spend differently. A friend who does not understand your financial choices and spending habits will set you up for financial destruction, so it’s best to stay clear of such people.

Paying for that very expensive aso-ebi, or attending the party of the year is not always a bad thing if your savings can accommodate it, but don’t be under pressure to perform for your peers, because the only person paying your bills is you

Tracking your expenses help to ensure that you don’t spend what you do not have, and shows you your limit before you get broke. It is very possible for your earnings to be enough; you just have to follow your financial plan.

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