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Read this if you want to start dating again as a single mum

Read this if you want to start dating again as a single mum

 Here’s the truth:  Dating as a single parent is challenging. And when we say challenging, we don’t mean the trying-to-build a spaceship and flying it into space kind of challenging. But it still could be equally tasking to; work round the clock to keep a home, never be able to get a sick day off, and have to grind day and night to take care of you and your kids. Add a relationship on top of that, and you sometimes find yourself putting the laundry in an oven  – it’s hard to keep up the energy.

Single moms are incredible women with wants, needs, and desires. While they love being home with their little pumpkins, they also enjoy dining out and laughing out loud with a significant other. Although dating is not easy, it can be achieved. For single moms looking to spice up their lives with romance, these are some effective tips for having a balanced love life.

First, decide if you’re ready to start dating again. Love is a beautiful thing to have but it can get ugly quickly if it is with the wrong person. Don’t feel obligated to rush into any relationship. Especially with a man who is playing games and doesn’t have his stuff together. As a single parent, dating doesn’t just affect you; it has ripple effects on your whole family, mostly the kids. Therefore, take your time to prepare yourself and your children for this new phase.

Moreover, to find a man, most times, you have to step outside. Go social. Embrace social gatherings and this might mean stepping out of your Comfort Zone. Thanks to various social media platforms, social networking has been made easier. If you’re going to give PTA meetings and running errands as an excuse to bail out of social nights, make sure to go online and chat with people.

Also, you should know that times are changing in the dating world. Gone are the days when asking a man out is considered forbidden. Women are more brave, bold, and outspoken in relationships these days. If you see a man you like, don’t be scared to take the first step. The worst he can say is no. Like a popular saying goes “if Mohammed doesn’t go to the mountain, the mountain will come to Mohammed”. Love can happen anytime with the people you least expect it to happen with.

Most importantly, always remember you are worth it. You honor this by prioritizing self-love. Turn blind ears to naysayers who say negative words about being a single parent. You are deserving of everything good, including a loving relationship with a man who treats you like a queen that you are.

Are you a single mom who is dating? What advice would you give?

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