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Personal branding tips to get you out of a career coma

Personal branding tips to get you out of a career coma

Let’s face it: nothing feels more dreadful than getting stuck in a dead-end job. It’s a feeling of being burnt-out and trapped by reality. You have to earn a living, support yourself, and your family, even if it means staying in a job you don’t like. Every day feels the same, no motivation, no zeal, and nothing matters.

What you’re experiencing, my dear is called a career coma. It doesn’t necessarily have a cure but like everything that happens around you, your attitude to the situation is what makes the difference. Do you find yourself going through the motion at work? Here are personal branding tips to help you snap out of that slump. If you don’t have a pen and paper yet, I think it’s about that time where you go get them.

  • Define who you are and what you want

If you want to create a personal brand that will revive your career, the first thing you’ll need to do is REFLECT ON YOUR LIFE. Ask yourself, what is it that you want exactly? What motivates you? What are your stress triggers? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are you good at?

Focusing on your personality will help to carve out what is unique about you. Whatever value proposition you come up with through this self-assessment will make you stand out from the crowd. It would also help you determine the necessary steps to take for accomplishing your goals.

  • Reinvent yourself

As you map out the kind of career path you want, map out the areas to work on in terms of personal development. The industry of work is always evolving. So, brush up your skills. Thankfully, there is a long list of online platforms where you can learn any skill of interest and hone pre-existing skills. And most of them are currently offering their programs for free as their support to the members of the public during this pandemic. So, latch on to that opportunity. Update your professional bio and create a powerful narrative for your resume. Always Find a sense of purpose in life no matter what you do.

  • Tell a story

One of the main points of creating a personal brand is to tell a story. Leverage on video marketing skills to craft out engaging content that your audience can relate to. Give people an insight into your life, not only the success stories but your struggles. You’ll be surprised you are not alone in this journey of career fulfillment and others who can relate with your story will want to associate with you.

  • Grow your online presence

We are not talking about posts that engage your family and friends alone. Edit privacy on social network sites to attract prospective clients and employers. Position yourself to become an industry expert in your field by consistently sharing content in that area. There are many social apps like Canva, WordPress, durecorder, and spark post to help you create content that focuses on your niche. 

  • Embrace networking

Networking isn’t limited to when you are in search of a job alone. The more you relate with people in and out of your industry, the more your network grows, and the more you elevate your career. Attend conferences, seminars, and social hangouts. Every opportunity you get to meet people and exchange knowledge, grab it. they make a valuable connection in the end.

Personal branding for career growth can be achieved if you not only read but act on these tips. And since you took down some notes, we’re sure that you’re one step closer to getting there.  Let us know how it works for you!

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