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Never Let Social Media Influence Your Love Life

Never Let Social Media Influence Your Love Life

Social media is a great tool today, we all know that. From helping people smash their goals to growing their business, everyone needs to be on social media.

But what about love? Has social media helped people to find and maintain love? Well, while we can agree to the first question, we cannot fully say that social media has helped people maintain love. That is because in the world of social media, you cannot filter the real from the fake. A lot of people are doing things for clout these days, and many people are living in a world of pretense and delusion.

So, should you let social media influence your relationship? Of course not! Let’s tell you why.

Fake life. Pictures can tell a thousand deceitful words. They show only a second in person’s life, it’s never a reflection of everything. To top that off, people can also be fake on social media, all the “couple goals” and “LOML” post are sometimes just for the gram. You can never tell what’s going on behind closed doors. So, never compare your relationship with what you see on social media.

Everyone has an opinion. With access to social media, our world has become increasingly noisy. Everyone is talking and everyone has an opinion. You will find that you have lost your own voice and you’re simply dancing to the tune of others, if you pick on everything. Decide what works for you in your relationship, choose the path you want to follow, determine what you want and stick with it!

No two relationships are the same. It worked for one of your favorite woman does not automatically mean it will work for you. If a woman shared her experience in her relationship, the best thing to do is to pick what resonates with you and discard the rest. Don’t swallow every relationship advice hook, line and sinker, filter the information and abide by what works for you.

Finally, find what makes you happy in your relationship and move with It because, that’s what matters.

Love and light dear W’s.

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