Frequently Asked Questions about MHSS Loan.

A: MHSS is our Maternal Health Service Support specially designed to support women and families with easy and convenient options to pay for their medical procedures.

A: On many occasions, patients are unable to pay upfront for their medical procedures. Access Bank under the Maternal Health Service Support (MHSS) will assist patients by helping them finance their medical procedures hassle-free. Through our partnership with experienced medical experts and institutions, we are able to get you the right medical financing options, at the best rates, on time.

However, if you already have a medical provider you are seeing who does not work with us, we can work with your medical provider to make sure we can still finance the procedure you need subject to our eligibility criteria.

A:  The financing covers local and international treatments such as fertility treatments, natal support (child delivery), dental, orthopedic, optical, bariatric (weight loss) and other specialized procedures


  • Highly subsidized interest rate at 14% p.a.
  • No loan fees
  • Flexible repayment plan
  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Access to over 40 well-renowned partner clinics and birth travel service companies in Nigeria.

A: We accept applications from any of the following categories;

  • Salary Earners
  • Business Owners.

A: Please see pricing in the table below;


Terms Fertility Treatments Natal Support

(Local & Int’l )

Other Specialized procedures
Maximum Tenor 24 months (1 cycle);

36 months (3 cycles)

24 months 12 months
Maximum Amount N4,000,000 N3,600,000 In line with medical bill, subject to terms and conditions.
Interest Rate

14 % p.a

Facility Fee and Management Fee

Not Applicable

Credit Life

Insurance Fee (Annual)



Salary Earners   Business Owners
1.      Applicant must earn at least N100, 000 monthly.


1.      Individual must not be more than 55 years old.
2.      Applicant must not be more than 55 years old.


2.      Business must have existed for at least 1 year.


3.      Applicant must be a confirmed staff.


3.      Business owners seeking MHSS loan must show a 1 year bank statement.


4.      Debt service ratio must not exceed 33.3%


4.      Business account must be opened with the Bank.


5.      Salary account of the applicant must be domiciled with the Ban throughout the tenor of the facility.


5.      Satisfactory credit checks.


6.      Satisfactory credit checks.


6.      Minimum annual turnover shall be Five (5) Million Naira.


7.      Maximum accessible loan amount will be 75% of Applicant’s net annual salary. 7.      Applicant must provide a credible guarantor.

A: No, beneficiaries need not be an existing account holder. However, applicants will need to establish a banking relationship and must meet the eligibility and documentation requirements.

A:  The turnaround time for loan processing and disbursement is 72 working hours, subject to submission of all required documents.

A: The acceptable security includes any or a combination of the following:

–  Salary Domiciliation

–  Fixed Deposit (covering at least 120% of obligor’s loan amount)

  3rd Party Credible Guarantor

A: A credible guarantor is one who can meet the under listed conditions;

  • Salary domiciliation/ fixed deposit (at least 120% of the loan amount)
  • Notarized minimum net worth statement estimate of over 120% of the exposure.
  • Personal guarantee
  • Clean credit checks

A: Yes, provided he/she meets the eligibility criteria.

A:  Apart from your spouse, you can get either a 3rd party sponsor/ guarantor who will domicile salaries or provide cash collateral covering at least 120% of the loan amount

A:  All information exchanged under this loan will be handled with utmost confidentiality and will only be available to relevant parties.

A: Please send an email to or call 01236-4875/ 01271-2005-7 or apply online at

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