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Loving Your Partner in Stressful Seasons

Loving Your Partner in Stressful Seasons

Loving in the time of COVID19 is a make or break moment for couples. There is stress to contend with, self-isolation, travel bans, and in some places, there are even lockdowns.

This means you’re either being isolated with your partner 24/7 or, if you don’t live together, you’ll be separated for the next two weeks, if not more!

If you’re practicing social distancing, are in a 14-day quarantine, or if you’re currently experiencing lockdown, the idea of being near your spouse may be a little daunting. Here are some ways you can cope:

  1. Find new ways to make special date nights – One of the reasons couples are having such a hard time with the corona virus lockdowns is because of boredom. Combat this by finding new ways to have a date night inside or on your back porch.

Have some wine and ask each other questions about life, play games together, have a candlelit dinner, or cook a meal, share a bubble bath, and, most importantly, make time for romance!

  1. Let intimacy do its thing – Sex is a great way to keep your emotional intimacy strong during all of this COVID-19 chaos.

The cuddle hormone has been shown to promote bonding between partners and lower stress and anxiety, and if there was ever a time that married couples need to de-stress, it’s now!

  1. Spend time apart – Just because you’re in quarantine with your partner doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your time together. Go into a different room of the house and practice self-care. Do things that you love to do, like read a book, watch films or write a story, play an instrument – do hobbies that you love, and that makes you feel good.

These things make you happier, which makes you a better person for your partner or spouse to be around.

Being able to spend time alone doing your own thing is a key ingredient to a healthy relationship. Don’t think that just because you’re on lockdown that you can’t call a friend or spend time away from your spouse.

When you do, you’ll feel even more appreciative of your partner when you do come back together.

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