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It’s Not a Fight, It’s a Movement – The Right Ways To Speak About Gender Equality

It’s Not a Fight, It’s a Movement – The Right Ways To Speak About Gender Equality

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) women have only 68% of the rights, opportunities and access to resources enjoyed by men. The good news is that the world is more and more aware of the necessity to fight gender inequality.

The elimination of gender inequality could also benefit the world economy in many ways.

However, the approach used in tackling the issue should be reviewed. A lot of people tackle the issue violently and some don’t even know where to start from.

Here are some steps to guide you:

  • Communications should be geared towards empowering the mindset of Women: The average percentage of women in legislative bodies is 23.4% all over the world. We need to have more women running for offices, and we need to fully support them by making them believe that they can.

We have about 49.6% of women all over the world; this population percentage also applies to almost every country in the world. This means that in every country, women dominate about half of the population. So, if every woman in their countries rise up to support the female candidate running for an office, her winning is almost guaranteed. This also applies to women in other fields, such as science and technology, art, sports etc.

These women need to be supported and encouraged.

  • Reject Chauvinist and Racist Attitude: Avoid making comments that would demean or humiliate a fellow woman, especially in public. And act firmly against people that do that, don’t keep quiet if you hear such comments. Also educate your friends, family and colleagues against chauvinist, racist, homophobic and trans-phobic comments or insults and also train your kids to be aware that all genders are equal.
  • Educate Ignorant Women: There are women who do not understand the reason behind the gender equality conversation, because they were brought up with the mind-set that a woman is meant to be the lower gender. These are the women who condemn the actions of feminist groups, and criticize them. This should stop, women should be more supportive and work hand in hand to eradicate gender inequality and watch out for their fellow woman. Some women are going through a lot; we must watch out for signs of domestic violence in our environs and fight against it.
  • Support Mothers: It is vital to support mothers in many ways, like offering bus seat to a pregnant woman, helping them cross the road, making them not wait on queues, demanding for companies to guarantee maternity and paternity leave. All these actions help the mothers know that they are valued, and increases the respect people attach to mothers. Because trust me, mothers go through a whole lot in terms of their hard work, and sacrifice, and they should not be termed as weak or inferior.

It’s very important for us to start making a difference from now. Every small action you take is a step to gaining full access to gender equality. Start now.

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