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Inspiring TED Talks for the female CEO in a male-dominated workplace

Inspiring TED Talks for the female CEO in a male-dominated workplace

What is it about female business leaders running top companies and the world getting intimated by such powerful influence? despite the increase in the number of women CEOs, the fight for gender equality in a male-dominated workplace remains an issue. These women are judged for their assertiveness, their charisma, their courage, and their innovative spirit.

Yet, some voices cut through the noise incredibly, reminding us that we can accomplish our goals outside of the parameters that have been set for women in the workplace.

Whether it’s encouraging women to step into power or inspiring people to the best version of themselves, TED talks have continued to use the platform to promote hope. And here are three best-spoken gems about stepping into power as a woman by exceptional women that are worth emulating:

  • Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders

In this video, the Facebook COO will take you through an insightful journey of how to climb the professional ladder in your workplace. It tackles various ways we sabotage ourselves as women heading for a leadership position. This is a woman who knows a thing or two about being a boss woman. With her three powerful advice, you can negotiate your way to the top.

  • Yawa Hansen-Quao: How to find your voice as a woman in Africa

One of the key lessons to pick out of Yawa’s impassioned talk is “ your voice is your power”. Don’t allow it to be silenced by naysayers. The leader of the Leading Ladies Network is encouraging women to embrace leadership in a male-dominated workforce.

  • Anne- Marie Slaughter: Can we all “have it all?”

Can women have it all? According to public policy expert, Slaughter, that’s a yes. But having it all doesn’t mean more women in top positions rather real equality spun from the creation of equally respected choices for women and men. She goes further to give an insightful outlook on how to balance family and career as a leading woman.

It is important to note that valuable insights on women empowerment in the workplace are not limited to these three TED talks. There are tons of videos online by women leaders that address how to assert yourself as a woman in the workplace. However, it is essential to put in the work. Always operate with integrity and continue to improve your skills as a leading woman.

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