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If You’re Not Growing In That Relationship, It’s Time To Leave

If You’re Not Growing In That Relationship, It’s Time To Leave

Relationships have become a part of our everyday lives. We are constantly interacting with people; these interactions leave us encouraged, discouraged or sometimes indifferent. When it comes to intimate relationships however, it’s totally different. You can’t afford to be in a relationship that leaves you ordinary, bland, or the same as you went in.

Your partner should be your number one encourager, are you getting that? There are important questions you need to ask yourself. Have you increased intellectually or spiritually? Are you nicer to people? Has your temperament changed? Are you in better control of your emotions? Can you categorically tell yourself that this relationship has made you a better person?

You might be wondering, “Why all these questions? It’s not that deep!” Actually, it is. Your relationship(s) shouldn’t leave you worse than it met you. You should be able to point out things that have been added to your life by being in that relationship.

Oh those girlfriends of yours, what do you talk about? What goals do you set? Do they challenge you to be the best you can be or do they make you hate the progress of others? It’s painful but you have to know that not all relationships are worth staying in, especially if every time you come in contact with the person or people, you leave feeling worse or doing things you wouldn’t ordinarily do.

You owe it to yourself to constantly improve yourself, and a lot of the changes you would make in life start from the company you find yourself in. If that man constantly beats down your self-esteem, telling you, “You’re not worth anything” or “So and so is better than you”, please leave. That relationship isn’t for you.

You might be looking at the time and saying ‘At my age, where do I start from?” Well start from the bottom. You see, you will find that, in no time at all, all what you couldn’t achieve due to the wrong company, you will achieve with the right company.  Let go of the clock and focus on improving yourself. Let go of that man. Let go of those friends. It’s not too late to start over. Let a man who will constantly be your cheerleader find you. You deserve better.

Always remember that, you are a queen and queens don’t settle for crumbs. Walk away from those hurtful relationships and let the best find you!

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