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How To Strike A Balance Between Your Side Hustle, 9-5 Job, And Family

How To Strike A Balance Between Your Side Hustle, 9-5 Job, And Family

Sometimes, it feels like the skylines would fall, or you would drop dead the next minute with the amount of pressure that is mounted on your back. Every minute matters, you have a ton of emails to respond to, a few deliveries to make, and then a newborn.

Yet, you want people to marvel at how your superhero bandwidth is over and beyond limit because you keep appearing and delivering.

Well, this will look easy when you have found the balancing force that holds it together. Do not freak out, if you have not, we are all just figuring it out. No one has the perfect manual, but these tips will help you be better.


The truth is that all aspects of your life are as important to you as the other. However, you should learn to give preference when preference is due, and learn to turn down offers and gigs when there is a need to do so.

Being very analytical makes you very deliberate; in your decision-making and this in turn will positively affect your output as a professional, with a side hustle and a family.


Superheroes are usually painted on the sheets of comic books. Your body like every machine needs time to rest, never at any point think too highly of your capacity that you forget that you need time to rest.

 Missing a few deadlines or falling sick does not make you a failure, it only means you could be better. Always remember to give your body the time it needs. To reduce your shortfalls when your body snaps back, use automated prompters when needed, this helps keep you on track while taking the desired rest you need.


You have to embrace the fact that you cannot do it all when the going gets too tough for you to handle as an individual seek assistance get extra-hands to work on your projects and jobs. This will create time for you to meet other pressing needs whilst delivering on all your responsibilities to time.


 Flexibility is one key factor that will pull you through the pressure of having to multi-task. You should have a regiment you work with, however, remember that situations will warrant that you make adjustments once in a while so do not hesitate to work fast, but with the situation, you have at hand.  Time management is your strongest power to survive if you ever find yourself on this path.


As you work hard, it gets hard to remember that you get tired and burnout. Therefore, you must plan that vacation and do it all by yourself without any of the factors that stress you out. The time you take away gives you a plus time to regroup and gain as much energy as you need to start afresh both physically and mentally.

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