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How To Make Career Plans For The New Year

How To Make Career Plans For The New Year

Not having a career goal or not having a strong understanding of where you want to take your career to can be a dangerous place to be in. When we don’t have a bigger picture of where our career is headed, we often become complacent and directionless, causing a career rot.

Where there is no vision, the people perish. Likewise, when there is no career plan, there will be career failing because if you fail to plan, you’re indirectly planning to fail. This shows that either way, you’re planning something.

There are two important things to do when planning for a new year:


It is important to reflect on the outgoing year and figure out how things went in it. It is also important to reflect on your biggest achievements, how they came to be, the people in your network, etc. These questions would help you figure out what went right and what went wrong, where you’re standing and in turn help you think properly on the next step to take in the new year.


You need to choose the career goal you want to achieve in the New Year. This will bring you true happiness and fulfillment. When you know what you want to achieve, you’re halfway successful and far above someone who is just moving with the tide.



There is a popular saying that you are what you think. It is important to let go of negative and wrong beliefs that can hinder your career goals. Make room for positive beliefs because you cannot move pass the walls of your belief system, so don’t let negative thoughts hinder you.


We know that the world keeps evolving daily; therefore you need to be adaptable, level up your skills and be on top of your game. It is important to plan towards getting better and improved knowledge and certification in your chosen careers.


Personal branding determines how you will be described when your name is mentioned. Thus, it is very important to plan and work towards what you want to be known for.

It is important to review your plan monthly and quarterly. This will help you make adjustments where necessary. 2020 has indeed taught us to make plans that are flexible so that even if you need to adjust it, you won’t lose the ultimate goal.

Lastly, let’s note that a plan is like a lifeless body, breathing into it is what gives it life. Therefore, take action and bring your career plans to life.

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