How to Get That Overdue Promotion

 How to Get That Overdue Promotion

For working women, promotions are landmarks that signify the next critical stage in our careers. Promotions generally go hand-in-hand with a raised paycheck, but the promotion represents so much more than monetary perks. Promotions signify recognition for our hard work and dedication. Promotions push us from our comfort zone into our stretch zone, challenging us to shift the boundaries of our ability and conquer new territory. Promotions are also mental triggers that lead to a positive mental reward. So if you’ve been passed up for a promotion or your raise is long overdue, this mini handbook will help you navigate your way to the promotion you deserve.

There can be a number of reasons why you are passed over for the promotion or why your promotion is delayed. Rather than desperately try to figure out why ”Jane’ got the senior manager position when you are ‘the best’ in your department, spend that energy investigating why Jane was chosen over you. Here are the tools you need for that investigation;

Introspection: Get to the root of the problem by asking yourself and the people around you some hard home truths.

  • Could it be that the expectations of the promotion changed and you did not meet up? Were there more deserving candidates with better productivity and higher skill sets than you? Take time out to answer these questions objectively to find out why.
  • Listen and observe. Most of the time we think we are ready to go up the next rung on the ladder when we are not. Taking the step against our better judgment might lead to a slip, a fall or worse.
  • Listen to the reasons you were given (if you were given any). Evaluate the words to see if you were indeed overreaching.
  • Take your time to study ”Jane’, find out what made her a better candidate.
  • Study other colleagues including those in levels ahead of you and emulate their habits.
  • Be confident, find your voice and speak up when you have valid opinions, questions or whatever will help you become a better employee. Be secure in your abilities and performances.
  • Double your value by being excellent at what you do. Sign up on high-visibility projects. Deliver to the best of your ability, and handle all that is thrown at you like a pro.
  • After weighing all the possible reasons you could be overlooked, be certain you are in the clear and that you were indeed fit for the role. Keep your cool and go forward with your next course of action.

Action: After you’ve taken your findings into account, you are ready to be proactive.

  • Put together a list of the jobs that you are currently responsible for and the added skills you have developed since joining the organization. Present the information to your boss in writing and why you feel you are qualified for the raise.
  • Be specific; be bold, if you have “earned” then you might as well “earn” it
  • Go in and ask for what you deserve. This might seem drastic or irrational, but if all fails take matters in your hands and ask. You will never know until you ask. Ask your boss why you are being passed over and what you need to do to qualify.

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