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How to embrace-and bounce back from a job loss

How to embrace-and bounce back from a job loss

If you’ver ever lost a job, you probably know what it feels like. Disbelief, shock, rejection, scared. With the current economic downfall due to the pandemic, the downsizing of employees is a common practice in organizations these days.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), 42 percent of Nigerians have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus disease pandemic. The shutdown of business and world trade has affected the commerce, service, and agriculture sectors in the country. Companies are so quick to send the mail with the intro, “We greatly appreciate the time you spent working with us, but unfortunately we have to let you go”.

It’s tough dealing with the emotions that come rushing after getting laid off. We’ve gathered helpful tips to help you maintain good mental health in this tiring time and bounce back 5 times better.

  • Allow yourself to feel

When you don’t heal from what hurts you, you tend to bleed on situations and people that didn’t cut you. Allow yourself to feel the emotions. It is overwhelming but deals with emotions. There is no quick way to rectify what has happened. Admit you are hurt and angry at that situation.

  • Analyze what went wrong

This requires deep thinking and logical self-examination. Look at the situation from different angles. What went wrong? Was the layoff caused by internal factors ( your work ethic, personality, and judgment to work) or external factors ( company’s problems, unprecedented changes)? What could have been done differently? This will help you identify areas to work on as an individual and an employee for your next job.

  • Develop a positive mindset

Some disappointments come as a blessing in disguise. This could be your ticket to getting a better job with a double paycheck. It could be an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and start a business. It could be a way to take a break to prevent your mental and physical health from deteriorating. It all depends on your mindset. Don’t limit your thoughts to what you can accomplish next after a job loss.

  • Take charge of your finances

This is a time to cut down on your spending. Don’t feel ashamed to let people know you can’t afford to carry out a particular money function at this time. Manage your savings wisely in a way that it is sufficient for you till the next paycheck comes.

  • Take care of yourself

You might feel the need to curl up in a corner, blinds closed, the world shut out. Please don’t cave into this emotion. Eat healthily. Exercise. Be productive. Stay curious about important news. Get enough sleep. Regain your strength. You’ll be needing it for the next challenge.

  • Brush up your skills

Ask yourself “what do I want to do next?”. Start networking. Take professional courses. Attend seminars and workshops. Learn new skills. Stay informed. And stay productive to increase your job visibility on job sites.

  • Be open to job opportunities

Most of us are fixated on securing a full time 9-5 job. Look at your career life beyond what it is. There are chances you have skills that are useful in other fields. Don’t be scared to explore. Knowledge gained is never wasted.

  • Stay on top of your game.

Now, that you’re ready to go back in the game, try to do things differently. Think outside the box.

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