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Here Is How To Win Anyone Over In 60 Seconds

Here Is How To Win Anyone Over In 60 Seconds

You could be the lucky ones in the lot, who do not have to do much to get a new friend or to win anyone over. Well, some of us don’t have it that easy. But it is not a bad thing so do not freak out or feel bad if you struggle to cap the smooth operands module when winning people over.

At this point, it does not matter if people grow on you or you grow on them, we firmly believe you can win anyone over in less than 60 seconds, and here is a guide on how to do so.


Everyone is drawn to a well-dressed person, we have not asked you to begin to go over your budget just so you can become the general eye-candle, but everyone forms amazing impressions about you just by looking at you in a glance. People could begin to listen or turn away from you by merely assessing your outlook. So, never forget to pay attention to your wardrobe details, wear what fills and pair them with impressive accessories that speak before you even open your mouth.


The American singer, Sia once said “you are not fully dressed without a smile” and guess what, it takes you lesser muscles to smile. It puts you on the best pedestal in a room filled with faces. A smiley face makes you appear as a warm and welcoming person, which makes you very approachable by strangers or leaves a great impression about you with anyone for a long.


Saying thank for services rendered and even paid for; gives you not just a warm appeal, it makes you desirable. Thus, give credit for the littlest services and contact that you make every day. It goes on to show that you hold everyone on a high level and do not in turn take people for granted at all points of your contact. While this may not be instant, it would always work for every returned moment of the same scenario.


This sounds strange, but books are very good icebreakers. There is at least one reader in every ten people that you make contact with daily. So, having a book handy when about take that long trip while at the very least land you a new friend who has either read or is reading a copy of the book you are holding or may be interested in reading the pages of the same.


In a room filled with people you have to begin to pay attention to them, stay away from your phone as much as you can, be in the moment with people around you, you could the lifeline of the next person to you in the gathering. The golden rule is to be more people-focused and less technologically driven.

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