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Get That Bag! 10 Best Side Hustles To Make Extra Cash

Get That Bag! 10 Best Side Hustles To Make Extra Cash

Coming up with a side business is a great way to earn extra money, and honestly, who does not need extra cash these days? As your needs and responsibilities increase, you are left with two options: to minimise your spending, or to make extra cash. If you are like us and want to increase your income, here are our 10 best side business ideas that will boost your income in the New Year:

Public Speaking:

An Access Bank employee, Mojibade Sosanya is our inspiration for this point. Mojibade is a young banker in her twenties, who spends her weekends as an MC or Compere at weddings, conferences and other events. She became so well-known that the bank even hire her services for bank-related events. But she remains a dedicated banker and even won a Brand Ambassador award at the bank’s CEO awards. Be like Moji. Start engaging in public speaking.


What better way to show your understanding of your profession than by tutoring young people on weekends? It is a great way to engage with young minds, mentor them and impact your knowledge to them. Plus this keeps you on your toes, helping you to gain knowledge as your career progresses. SO find a university in need of tutors, or a school to recommend parents to you for home schooling and tutoring and make your extra cash.

Taxi Driving:

If you have a car, it is very advisable to either get a driver and put it up for Uber, Taxify or any other cab service or drive it yourself at your free time. Better than leaving the car parked in your parking lot all day doing nothing but stacking up your liability.

Thrift Selling:

This is another great side hustle that many people have not taken advantage of yet. You can go into the thrift business, selling fairly used clothes and other items. With Instagram this business has become as easy as taking pictures of the items you have for sale and posting them online.

Event Planning:

Many of us are so good at organising parties and events for our friends and families that we might as well start getting paid for doing them. S next time your friend calls you to helpo them organise their bachelorette, charge them by the hour.

Shop for people:

This is such a great business idea, because it is so difficult to go to the market these days. People have events, want to buy food stuff, make their hair, etc, but many of them don’t know where to get these things in the quality they want and for those that do, they would really rather not go. So offer to shop for your colleagues and get paid doing something you enjoy.

Become a fitness instructor:

If you have a passion for health and fitness, becoming a fitness instructor is a side hustle idea worth pursuing. The barrier to entry is pretty low, start-up costs are non-existent if you’re employed by a studio or gym, and you get to stay active while you’re working.  So don’t waste those extra hours you spend working out in the gym. Use it to make money.

Do your job for other people:

This is especially easy for people in the creative industry. Creativity is versatile and needed in every sphere, so if you can find a company in need of your services but does not require you to work from their office, you can make extra cash doing your job all over again. Build a website for them, design graphics for people, etc.

Freelance Writing or Blogging:

This is another easy way to make money while exercising your creativity. You might even enjoy it. Write for a blog and earn extra cash or create your own website and start racking in money from adverts and google ads.


Learning this craft can be so useful, especially if you become really good at it. You can limit the number of requests you take so that you are not overwhelmed, but people will always need clothes so you will almost always be in business.

So take a pick, learn a trade and start making extra cash.

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