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Topic : What is your take on domestic violence?

Domestic Violence is the abuse between two adults who share the same household. This is a trending topic now as…


Domestic Violence is the abuse between two adults who share the same household.

This is a trending topic now as more victims are becoming emboldened by coming out on social media to share their experiences.

Infact many celebrities have spoken up on this ill trend, with some coming out to share their experience while others outrightly condemning the act and giving support.

So ladies, what is you take on this? let us speak up now to end this vicious cycle abeg.



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  • Orekelewa

    Hmmm, my sister this issue is real oo.

    After service i stayed with an aunt of mine who was experiencing this horror in her husband’s house. It was a terrible experience, thankfully i was able to encourage her to report him to the police and to also report the incident to a home in Ikeja that provides support to women in this kind of situation.

    The husband has been seriously warned, that any further abuse will lead him straight to jail and he hasn’t tried such again since then.

    I choose to stop the VIOLENCE , I choose to SPEAK UP

    • Ifyclara2764

      OMG I was once in that situation when I was still serving last two years, was daiting a guy and sometimes, infact I spent all my time in his place and what he does is to beat the hell out of me sometimes do some shitty things infront of me. Well now am free from his animal attitude. I SPEAK UP AND FIGHT FOR VIOLENCE

  • Abiola M Olumodeji

    I am super happy that Nigeria is beginning to take the issue of domestic violence more seriously. It is about time we stop such barbaric acts that destroys lives and destinies. I am a survivor of 10 years of domestic violence and abuse and I must confess the psychological trauma is more devastating than the physical acts itself. I constantly pray for renewed minds for my children so they do not relive those horrific days in their minds. The full weight of the law should be dealt to any offender (both make and female) for the gravity of the act to resonate in the minds of Nigerians that Domestic Violence is not acceptable and shall no longer be tolerated. Enough of hiding behind culture, religion etc. It is time for us to rally as a people and get a bill passed that clearly spells out the punishment for committing domestic violence and the Nigerian Police need to be properly trained on how to deal with such issues professionally when called upon. We also need more trained Counselors​ and Psychologists to help deal with the victims deal with the trauma and move on. My name is Madame Merola and i say NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Join me in protecting lives in Nigeria and Africa from this dangerous acts.

  • Naa

    I think its about time we act quickly and STOP IT NOW. Enough of the talking , let continue to encourage more Girls, Ladies, Mothers and all Women to come out and expose their Violators.
    Thank you.

  • Jokehie

    Domestic violence in all ramification is evil and should be curb out in our society. How will a man or a woman after professing love for you, get married to you and see nothing in you but a bunching bag. No ! this should stop, our mothers, sisters should speak out there pain in other to get help. It is time to speak out.

  • Lilian TilleyGyado

    Domestic Violence is definitely a No! No! Victims should also learn not to tolerate but rather report abuse immediately or better still leave such territory. Also while the government continues to be called upon to put heavy punishments/penalties in place for such acts, it would also be nice that women in the habit of tongue lashing or speaking derogatorily to men sometimes leading to such should try as much as possible to desist from the acts but instead speak love and kindness even in the most difficult situations (this applies to domestic violence as a result of provocation from the female gender) pray to God for self-control and to curb the tongue. Nonetheless, as a woman, I stand with the force that fights for woman as no woman deserves to be violated no matter the circumstance……I JOIN to say NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE because every life matters and every WOMAN deserves to be treated like a QUEEN!!!

  • Ebonyjoan

    Domestic violence needs to be stopped,, over 85percent of these violence are men, most victims of domestic violence don’t leave, because of some crazy love, in some homes domestic violence has been the order of the day, and this needs to stop,, we v to speak up and fight against it

  • Awybaby84

    Domestic violence is an insane act anyone who does is definitely not sane and isn’t human but an animal. It’s high time we said ” NO” to domestic violence. Women it’s time to rise and shine…

  • Elly K

    Hmmnn… Domestic violence, i think when it does happen to you the first time and as you live with it, you are more in shock ,and wouldn’t even know how to respond. Oh!when i got my first slap from boyfriend then with all my previous mouth that it can never happen to me, i couldn’t even tell anyone i just jeje swallowed it n continued the dating ooo, oh my!the next time was very good beating, was at that point i quickly pulled my own ear oo, and told myself , i refuse and i mean REFUSE to let anyone treat me this way, and will so happen that they are always sorry thereafter and i think that’s what pulls women back into sorry relationships like that.But may God deliver everyone in such situations out of it. I say a BIG NO to domestic violence of any kind!

  • TayTay

    MY Aunty is a victim of domestic violence. Her husband constantly beat her to a pulp. she had her first child due to force delivery has she was heavily pregnant when he hit her. just a day after the naming ceremony, he hit her again, she was greeting people with a swollen mouth and face all in the pretence that she fell in the bath tub. She said she was ashamed to tell anyone because no one supported the relationship before she adamantly married him. my mom had to hid her certificate for the fear that he burns them. this man does not want her to work and he only brings peanuts to the table.she is a graduate while he owns a smalls poultry farm. He is intimidated by her success.
    well now they have 3 kids, she has tied her womb. there was a time she had a swollen face, and when we asked the kids what happened, they said, its daddy that gave her blow.
    its just so sad.
    she does not want to leave cause of her kids.

    • Noble

      This does not worth it, if during the course of the fight the woman dies, the children will still leave. My kind advise to the woman, she should handle this wisely and not to allow the man kill her.

  • Domestic Violence. If you’re violently abused, walk out. Walk out if you feel you can’t take it anymore, walk out before your violator puts a bullet to your head or slit your throat in the bid of correcting you.

    In this era and time, Women don’t need to be told that they are responsible for whatever happens to them in the name of marriages or relationships, walk out or take the case to court!

  • UgochiA

    Well said everyone. May I ask for a course of action though. If I know someone who is going through Domestic violence/abuse, please what should I do. Is there a number I can give her to call of an NGO or federal institution that can take up the matter. If I am bold enough as a friend/family member, what can I tell the victim and/or the predator? Should she/he take photographs and record evidence of the abuse?

    I await your reply ladies.
    Thank you.

    • Riri Abdullahi

      I will advice enough evidence and space from whoever and whatever is causing the violence.

  • Riri Abdullahi

    I havent experienced it before but still, i am so so against it. Violence to me is like being evil, cos u can’t harm what you love.

  • Sush

    Its funny but we all have experienced it one way or the other. it doesnt have to be physical for us to call it a name, there is also verbal abuse. Let us just be aware of our rights and take the necessary action when needed. Let us not be blinded by religion, culture/tradition or family/friends. #lifematters

  • herittosy

    Any woman who is experiencing domestic violence whether verbal or physical abuse and does not want to speak out, that woman is digging her grave and will soon exit the earth. A man who truly loves you will do no such. It is an evil act.

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