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Topic : Always is now #500!! Which way?

I've been really busy these past few weeks and shopping has been nearly impossible. So the red guest came in…

I’ve been really busy these past few weeks and shopping has been nearly impossible. So the red guest came in last night and I only had one piece of sanitary towel left. That’s how I confidently walked to one corner kiosk beside my office and I was told that the small always is now N500. What are ther cheaper but still good alternatives abeg? This is crazy! That means I’ll spend 1k a month on pad alone. Before I think of good pain relievers and all that. Please help.

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  • sandraorgu

    My dear, that is how things are now ooo. You can try other brands like Velvex and Stay Free. This year is my year to explore. I suggest you try other brands, you could fall in love with one soon.

  • esliz

    Hmmm… I had the same challenge. My sister visited and the red guest appeared. LOL! I went to a nearby shop to buy. the guy said N500. I thought he was joking as usual. but he was not. I was shocked. When did it get to N500?!!! I think we should explore like Sandra says. But… Mehn…I have used Always for ages ooo.

    • Ifyclara2764

      Same here am too used to always especially the blue ones… but come to think of it, most of my friends use cotton wool but don’t know how they feel comfortable with it

  • Comiee

    Just like sandra said,lets explore other options. Like me now i use Always Classic which is cheaper nd i have even gotten myself to love it. At the same time lets ask ourselves questions: the basic things that humans need to survive,especially this blessing that nature has given women are actually expensive unlike the ones that are not really necessary e.g cigarettes and even condoms. Always which their products are actually trustworthy should please consider women in general,those who have been loyal since day one till date even with the increase in price and see it that this is actually nature’s blessings to us ,we didnt ask for it.Thanks

  • Lilian TilleyGyado

    Wow Always though! I have since moved to Longrich products so I guess I missed that memo with Always.
    Longrich magnetic anion sanitary towels are safe, tested and trusted, I would recommend you move over to that. Please pregnant women (yea I know they dont need towels but please for whatever reason) stay away from Longrich sanitary towels

    Let’s be careful in our move to other products as poorly manufactured sanitary towels can cause gynecological diseases.
    You can do more research on longrich sanitary towel
    Keep safe sisters!!


    Had same experience and even made up my mind to go for tissues not until i stepped into one of the shopping mail close by and i got the 2 in 1 pack for 600. Maybe you should do the same.

  • Mwana

    That is the situation. We that have children is not easy 3 girls on always every month? I have to put it on monthy budget

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