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Female Entrepreneurship and Gender Inequality – Challenges and Opportunities

Female Entrepreneurship and Gender Inequality – Challenges and Opportunities

Over the past years, a lot of female entrepreneurs have emerged, and also gained recognition and acceptance in leadership positions in the corporate sector. However, in spite of all these developments, there are still very few companies where we can see women in top positions. While some female entrepreneurs are citing imaginary men as co-founders for credibility and recognition; others just manage their small businesses, without dreaming of owning a conglomerate. This shows that despite the acceptance and recognition that women are beginning to enjoy, gender inequality is still a big problem in business.

These are some few challenges women in business face:

  • Gender Discrimination: It’s sometimes a lot work, when women have men as their staff, because some men find it difficult to take directives from a woman. This would affect the flow of productivity and cause unnecessary back and forth. She would have to, in most case fire such a person and find someone else to take his place.
  • Difficulty in Acquiring Funds: Companies, especially start-ups, know how difficult it is to find investors or raise funds to grow the business. It is even harder for women in business. Many investors are not eager to invest in women led companies, because they may think that the female entrepreneur would not be able to take the company to the level proposed.
  • Viable Support Network: Due to fact that majority of the high level business world is male dominated, women entrepreneurs do not have enough advisors and mentors. This makes it difficult for women entrepreneurs to create their own path.

However, as much as we have all these factors discouraging women, let’s not shy away from the fact that there are also unique opportunities for women in entrepreneurship to makes a difference, and this serves an advantage.

Here are some advantages –

  • Ability to create a woman friendly corporate environment: In most companies, their corporate culture works against women. But with a company led and owned by a woman, she has the ability to establish a working environment that cuts across. A working environment that would not give merits based on gender but on ability and hard work.
  • Equality on hiring: It’s very important that we have more female entrepreneurs so they can bridge the gap of women that were not hired just because of their gender. Everyone should be hired and promoted based on merit.
  • Creating a diverse and innovative workforce: It’s been proven that top companies across the world that have a balance in its work force always get better results.

The female entrepreneur has a very big role to play in the fight against gender inequality. We need more women in business, so as to level up and create a path for the younger generation.

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