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Effective Ways to Stay Relevant As a Career Woman

Effective Ways to Stay Relevant As a Career Woman

Like it or not, the workplace is changing, and as the pandemic continues to disrupt companies’ internal structures and workflows, it’s safe to say that more relevance will be placed on value than experience or certification.

Since everyone has had to settle into their new normal in the corporate world, it is important to ask the question – How do I stay relevant in the light of the new reality of work. The following are the top 5 tips to help you cement your position as a career woman in the chosen field of endeavour.


Making headway in a chosen profession is not a mere function of chasing money all the time. Everyone is trying to make money these days with little or no attention to offering value and delivering quality team inputs. If you want to be successful, you have to know what you’re bringing to the table and make it known to the right people. Take a look at industry trends, what gap can you fill? Amidst that, do not forget to work on your visibility in the industry as well. Attend conferences, accept offers to be a panelist at seminars, show your work on social media, etc.


One of the best pieces of advice is to find a business environment where you can do your thing (a special talent/skill that comes naturally to you) because that is only where creativity flows and you work without stress. When you can stick to your guns and stay confident in what you know, you become an authority in that field.


Well, figuratively and in the real sense of it. Don’t be busy, be productive. Brush up your skills as often as you can. Build meaningful relationships with industry experts. You need to be prepared to work hard and work smart to advance in your line of work. And oh, do not let your boss catch you sleeping on duty either.


If you want to stay relevant in your field, you need to start taking your health seriously i.e mental, physical, and emotional. Your health has a big influence on how much work you can do daily. Also, taking care of your health is not limited to a day of spa, shopping, and sipping wine. It encompasses setting boundaries for those who steal your peace. Prioritize the necessary things and people that need your attention. And pay attention more to the things that feed your soul.

Beyond these tips, the key to staying relevant in a changing job market is mastering the skill of carving out an opportunity out of what life throws at you.

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