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Effective ways to grow your customers through Email Marketing

Effective ways to grow your customers through Email Marketing

As a business owner, email marketing might be the cheapest yet effective marketing strategies to invest in. It has a wide reach, it is cost-effective, and allows communication on a personal level with customers via a universally accepted digital medium. When done right, the ROI is impeccable.

About 147 million Nigerians aged 18-65 years old use email mostly every day says Internet live statistics.

The rationale behind email marketing is that as a business owner, you build a list of clients, customers, prospects and you share relevant information in compelling bits to them. The most popular form of email marketing is the newsletter, promotions, daily deals, discounts, etc. There are other ways of growing your customers using this marketing strategy. Read on to see how you can keep your business to stay on top of their minds.

  • Build a list

Create a permission-based list where your customers can opt-in from your website. This should be done based on agreement. Describe in detail the frequency and content to spark up interest. Resist the urge to ask for too much personal information, customers will lose interest fast. And constantly update the ist to remove undelivered emails and include new customers.

  • Create valuable content

Content is key. Keep it rich and informative. Customers love content full of value, so stay consistent with the quality of your email marketing. Focusing on solving customers’ market problems. It makes it easy to earn and grow their trust. Adopt the use of visuals, infographics, and incentives to sustain interest.

  • Avoid spam triggers

Avoid triggers that will allow your email to bounce to spam before arrivals. This includes the use of all caps, excessive punctuation, use of attachments, misleading subject lines amongst others.

  • Create a compelling call to action

The essence of email marketing is to stay connected to customers, keep your brand on top of their minds, and prompt action towards your product or service. Make the action you need them to take crystal clear. Also, make it easy for them to achieve through links, phone numbers, or instructions on saving the mail. Remember less is more.

  • Adopt the use of first names

Customers feel unique when they have a sense that a message is personalized to them alone. Leverage on this to build a meaningful connection between your business and customers.

  • Go social

Get a wider reach by driving your email newsletter subscribers back to your website. Promote your recent posts in the email by embedding links to your website and social media pages. Make sure the links are working and easy to connect.

If you can effectively use email marketing to communicate to customers, you stand a chance to grow brand engagement, drive sales, and increase your fan base.

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