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Common Workplace Etiquette

Common Workplace Etiquette

Workplace Etiquette are rules that deals with a worker’s behavior at the office. However, culture and expectations differ from company to company, so what is rude at one workplace may be normal at another.

Whether you are starting your first internship or have many years of professional experience under your belt, how you present yourself to others in the workplace matters. Setting a professional tone is crucial to building new relationships and ensuring you have a positive and successful experience in the workplace.

Below are few workplace etiquette you might want to take note of:

  • Make a Good First Impression:

People often form impressions about others within seconds of meeting them, so it’s important to ensure you present yourself as a professional. Be aware of your body language and how others may perceive it. A good rule of thumb is to stand straight, maintain eye contact, and smile! Make sure you know the workplace dress code and office policies ahead of time. Arrive on-time and be prepared for important meetings.

  • Avoid Gossip:

How you treat people says a lot about you. It is wrong to make value judgments on people’s importance in the workplace or speak negatively about your coworkers, even if you find yourself frustrated over a certain situation. Learn to be thoughtful about how you interact with your supervisor(s), peers, and subordinates as well.

  • Communication is Key:

Communication is an important part of workplace etiquette. It’s sometimes not what you say, but how you say it that counts. It is important to be mindful of how you communicate with your colleagues in meetings and one-on-one conversations.

  • Be Polite to Other People in the Office:

Know that everyone deserves to be treated with respect irrespective of their position. So, simply respect everyone and don’t be selective about who you want to be more courteous with.

Also, the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ can never be overused, especially in a working environment. You can make that your habit.

  • Don’t Be Late to Work:

Sneaking into the office half an hour after everyone else will not paint you in a professional light. Being on time to work is a basic office etiquette requirement and you shouldn’t default.

Workplace etiquette is an important part of company culture. Observing and following the above tips on workplace etiquette will not only help you create a positive and efficient working culture but it will also help you earn a good reputation at work and that could lead to bigger things.

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