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Career Tips For The Working Woman

Career Tips For The Working Woman

It’s hard work to navigate workplace responsibilities and also take time for yourself to unwind at the same time. From improving your morning routine to gaining a fresh perspective on a workplace conflict, here are some career tips for every working woman:

             1. Start your day early:

Waking up early enough helps you start your day without pressure. You can have some time of meditation in the early hours of the day; void of distractions and noise. You can also set your goals for the day and get ready to face the day with optimism.

2.   Be resilient:

Failures and disappointments are going to happen occasionally, no matter who you are and what industry you’re working in. Sometimes these will be your fault, and sometimes they won’t. The one thing that all failure scenarios have in common is that you can move on from them. No matter how embarrassing it may feel, or how dire, it is advisable to accept that things happened the way they did, understand why things happened the way they did, and learn what you can do next time to help avoid the same kind of catastrophe.

3. Be someone people want to work with:

If you do a bit more than what’s expected of you, you will often be recognized. Also, always behave with integrity and kindness – don’t be bitchy at work. You could be the most qualified person but if people don’t trust you, or you’re not likeable, it will be hard for you to achieve your career goals.

4.  Accept Compliments and Know that you deserve it:

How many times, when you were complimented, have you heard yourself saying:

Oh, it was nothing.

When you are recognized for a job well done, do you tend to deflect praise and chose to stay low key? Women have high propensity to question their abilities and downplay their achievements, especially in the presence of others. They often put themselves down before others can. However, it is good to acknowledge the role you played in your accomplishments and accept praise gracefully.

5.  Don’t let companies make you feel small for being there for your family and health:

You don’t have to sacrifice your health or the wellbeing of your loved ones for a job. If your employer shames you or tries to prevent you from taking the time you need at the expense of your family’s health, it might be time to find a better workplace. 

6.   Find five(5) minutes to sit in silence every day. It will help you refocus and you’ll find new creative solutions to existing concerns:

Silence is proven to be good for your brain and even just a small break from interaction can help you clear your head. You can put your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ and let your brain enter its default mode network – A state of deep thought, daydreaming and reflection that’ll help stimulate your creativity. You’ll be amazed at what you can come up with through this routine.

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