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Career Enhancing Skills To Adopt This New Year

Career Enhancing Skills To Adopt This New Year

It has always been important to upskill or reskill, but the economic and job uncertainty of last year has further hammered that point home.

Whether you’re looking for a new job in 2021, making a career change, or planning to grow in your current job, all professionals should make a plan for upskilling/reskilling.

While COVID-19 resulted in many companies laying off employees, it also forced companies to reassign many employees in their current workforce. This trend could continue in 2021, according to the World Economics Forum’s:The Future Of Jobs Report 2020.

However, even after the world recovers from the COVID-19 shock, it is very likely that the whole of this decade will remain unpredictable and continuously disrupted. Change doesn’t happen at the same rate. Global shocks like COVID-19 trigger an avalanche. The pandemic has accelerated a number of long-term technological megatrends such as AI automation of white-collar jobs, telemedicine and increased remote working.

This begs the question: what are the competencies needed to succeed in these unsettled times? Below are some to consider:

  1. Time management:

Time management has always been important, but with the acceptance of remote work, it’s more important than ever. That means that your employers have to trust that you can manage your time and get your work done without anyone looking over your shoulder. In today’s age of smartphones, social media, and binge-worthy TV, you need to prove that you can stay on task and on target.

You can prioritize your tasks daily, putting the biggest, ugliest tasks first if you can.

  • Collaboration:

If you think remote work means flying solo, you’re probably in for a surprise. Collaboration is alive and well, but it takes a little more conscious effort now. Embracing collaboration and thinking about it proactively as you begin projects shows hiring managers that while you may be working alone in your home, you’re still a team player. 

  • Adaptability:

Have you noticed that things are changing faster than ever? As technology evolves, we’re finding new ways to use it. That means the old “We’ve always done it this way!” attitude is nothing but dead weight on your career. It is important to work at being adaptable to new technology, new collaborations, and new philosophies so as to aid succeess in 2021.

  • Creativity and resilience:

2021 will be a time of change and growth, and that means having creativity can put you in the driver’s seat for finding solutions and new ideas that move the needle for your company. Resilience goes hand in hand with creativity. Sometimes, new ideas don’t work right away — or at all — but being able to rebound from a setback with improvements and new ideas shows employers that you will keep their company moving forward.

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